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  1. TBH.. if you will just be doing data entry, it will not be worth your time (Unless you are able to write manuscript on it).
  2. Do we have to have reference letter from geographic locations of where we plan to apply for residency? I am debating which letter to use when applying to programs outside of my home school .. Should I use my home school letter from a preceptors who knows me for 2+ years and can comment on my clinical skills/team work and I also have done several research projects with OR use a reference letter from preceptors from schools outside of my home school( to show that I am interested in their location but I have only done 8 total shifts with these preceptors so low chance that my reference lette
  3. Is it connections? Research? Your knowledge? How do program directors choose applicants in very competitive fields?
  4. LOL... I was not planning on escaping regulations or rules or anything-- I just want to be my own boss and do whatever I want to do and I dislike working for organizations and having to appease authority or "higher ups" ( if I don't genuinely feel like it and I usually can't fake things for gain)... I also not a competitive person at all, and don't compare myself to others.. just want to be able to make a difference in the lives of my patients, and do my own thing without having to compete for things... I guess FM or peds might be the best options for me yes, I meant along the way...
  5. I am very non-hierarchial person, and I have tendency to challenge authority if I dont agree with them ( I usually voice my opinion politely, but honestly and bluntly)... Not all fields of medicine enjoy having this type of personality- which specialty would be a best fit?
  6. I am average med student. I work really hard and I am dedicated, but I may not be in the top 5-10 percentile ( despite working very hard).I was wondering if I should pursue a competitive specialty if I am not in top of my class?
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