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  1. Hey, why don't you consider a prep course? **DELETED** works with a lot of ESL students that break the 127 barrier for CARS and he has a very simple approach but, it take time to practice it.
  2. Do not stress it, just take the CASPer coming up (22nd). You have a shot for an interview for all schools. It honestly is not horribly difficult and the prep is not bad. Do some online practice questions and look up videos for model answers. Ultimately the goal of CASPer is to be balanced in your answers (look at all perspectives), respect people's wishes (ethics - i.e. Autonomy, Beneficence, Professionalism, Equity etc...). Think of some rough experiences you've had (e.g. difficult conversations, hearing rumors etc...) and write them down in point form to refresh your memory when any personal
  3. Hey first of all congrats on battling out of the addiction. I know how hard it really is as I have seen some close acquaintances go through a clean up act too. I think it is a great story to include in your 'other' section of the ABS (assuming you are applying in Ontario). Just be prepared to provide some insight on it as it may come up during interviews and be genuine. Don't overthink it, people that get through difficult times are needed in the field of medicine to show how it is possible for others. Best of luck.
  4. Wow thanks for the reply! I really want to get into Ottawa or Mac. Do you know how much of a factor CASPer plays in Ottawa's admissions since I need to kill it for Mac anyways. Thanks
  5. Just include the course description website. It should state if certain courses have lab hours associated with them.
  6. Ahh thanks! I got a 129 on CARS actually so that may increase my chances a bit more. I’m gonna prep to slay the CASPer.
  7. Yes, they do not consider others. I think they changed it to narrow down proper entries vs. random cookie-cutter volunteer positions. Many schools are going this route so choose activities that have quality (i.e. long-term, most learning experiences etc...).
  8. Hey uOttawa's website states that the LSES is undergone through a different stream so you would likely be compared to others applying through that stream and not the general stream. This make sense since if you are declared through LSES then comparing your application to a general student who did not have barriers would be unfair. I am not sure of the GPA cut-off but, I would assume that it would be lower (similar to French stream ~3.7).
  9. Wow that's good to hear lol. For sure! I wish you the best as well. It is a rough process and it's also my first time applying. I only wrote the CARS section of the MCAT too for mac (luckily scored 129). I have family that live at both cities (Ottawa & Hamilton) so, those are my only schools. @TheDarkPassenger just go for it, you never know. I think the cut-off may drop a bit as well.
  10. Personally I wouldn't know either. I am at a 3.87 which is still very low compared to many other applicants. However, since no MCAT is required and now the weighted values are dropped for later years I'd apply and see. It is a new change, if nothing happens you won't have the "what if I applied" haunting your shoulder. Of course if you have the money lol. My wGPA would have been 3.93 so I mean there are gonna be several applicants like me that would have benefited from the weighted calculation. YOLO my friend.
  11. I can confirm, got an email back saying the cGPA cutoff is firm at 3.85 for last year.
  12. Hey yeah I emailed them a while back and they said that the top 3 are considered for the ABS scoring. Which means you should choose things wisely and honestly in regards to how they prepared you for medicine. Make sure you have verifiers that are not family or friend for them or they will discard your application.
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