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  1. I believe it should be fixed by tonight. The website is undergoing maintenance right now (between 14:10pm and 6pm PST)
  2. I am not sure, but I think there is a mistake everywhere. If the program thinks that everyone got in the 75th-100th percentile then that would have skewed the results further to the left.
  3. I am hoping they update the blog at the same time as they send out the first wave of rejections. Maybe we'll hear from them in 30 minutes...
  4. Do they send the ineligible and partial review rejection emails first? Or they send all the rejections at once?
  5. That's weird, I am not sure what their process is and why they would contact verifiers after a rejection. Do you know the exact date your verifier was contacted, was it before October 29th? Are you IP?
  6. No, no updates on OAS. I think they will only send out emails (rejections or invites) once they have updated their website. They would need to add the interim statistics, the blog post and the FAQ before sending out the emails to prevent people from asking many questions.
  7. If it's staggered wouldn't that be unfair? Like those who were lucky to receive an earlier invite (but didn't apply early) would get to choose their interview date first. I don't think they would do that, in my opinion. Maybe staggered rejections but not invites
  8. Is it possible that they go by alphabetical order? My friend's last name starts with an A.
  9. No, the verifier that got contacted told my friend, not Dal. But I am not sure if you can see it on the application, I have not seen her application.
  10. Ok thank you! Do you know when exactly your verifier was contacted last year?
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