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  1. does anyone know how many people from the university cohort get into the Outaouais campus? is it 10?
  2. Does anyone know when we should expect to get the email? Is it 10pm just like last time when interview invites were sent
  3. What would be considered an uncertain waitlist? I feel the same way, I want a direct answer lol
  4. But when they sent the invites back in October, they didn't say congratulations. They started their invites with "thank you for your application" so at the time I thought I had been rejected. Good thing I kept reading!
  5. I really hope it's sooner than Thursday!! It's good that at least McGill has a clear date. I really thought Dal would answer the first week of March, man was I wrong
  6. Maybe the Thursday rumour was for next week, so I'll say March 25th! I hope it's sooner though
  7. Does anyone know if the next wave of invites is tomorrow or Friday?
  8. I didn't receive an email and I don't see it on my minerva. I am considered IP. When was the email sent?
  9. Does anyone know when and how we are supposed to select our site preference (between Outaouais and Montreal)? Is it through minerva or are we supposed to wait for an email?
  10. T'as reçu un courriel? Ou est-ce que tu as seulement vu l'information sur minerva?
  11. I believe it should be fixed by tonight. The website is undergoing maintenance right now (between 14:10pm and 6pm PST)
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