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  1. Yes, you say No and give dtails of your conflict. They will reschedule you. I got rescheduled for March 7.
  2. Have they contacted you regarding rescheduling of the interview date yet?
  3. No, I dont think it is on feb 6 because we did not get any information. I believe it would come with next invites. I will send them an email today to get an update.
  4. Hve you heard anything regarding rescheduling of new interview date yet?
  5. Do you have interview at UBC on February 6? have you received any email from them regarding zoom link to log in for Feb 1 virtual registration? I am a bit concerned.
  6. How do we confirm our time if we forget? I don’t see anything on the system. Do we get email from UBC on virtual session registration log in. Mine is Feb 1 but I have not received any email yet.
  7. Did anyone receive confirmation email for Feb 1 registration session? Will UBC send link to log into the session? I feel like I have forgotten my time. How do I confirm it?
  8. I have question regarding reference letters. It says that only applicant’s initials to be used when writing about them. Do they mean like RG etc. Or first name? I believe referees would know that but just curious.
  9. I believe it has been sent out to those who confirmed invites
  10. They have sent out timing for feb 6. I did include time of my other interview.
  11. Do you think they will reschedule us and send invite again with next batch?
  12. Also, did you send details of the other interview or just mentioned that you have conflict
  13. They suggested to say NO and send details of conflict. They will contact to reschedule it.
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