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  1. Just out of curiosity: Do Ontario schools post calculated wGPA and cGPA for applicants to review?
  2. They have done same for me. I believe all schools review transcripts independently. OMSAS has given 0.5 credit to all 1-2 credit courses and 1.0 to all 3-4 credit courses.
  3. Just to let you guys know, OMSAS has revised my cGPA calculation and updated academic background.
  4. Would they fix it right away before they send to other schools?
  5. Infact OMSAS missed one course completely on Transcript. It should be length 29 and value 114.05, although GPA does not change much.
  6. Hi One more question. I am not very familiar with OMSAS system. What does length and value mean ? If it shows length of 28 and value of 110.05(it is credit weight mulitiplied by GPA) and GPA calculated is 3.93 I checked with Toronto and they confrimed that 28-30 credit is full course load. Omsas has given 0.5 to lab courses even if they are 1 or 2 credits.
  7. That is sad. That means someone with cGPA of 3.849 will be rounded to 3.84<3.85 That does not seem fair.
  8. I checked my GPA on OMSAS. It calculated as 3.93 but as per my calculations based on their conversion, it is 3.937. Do they round it to lower digit?
  9. Thank you That’s what I thought. It makes sense
  10. But the website says where credit system is used, 28-30 credits is considered full course load.
  11. Hi i know it is kind of late question, I am from BC and I thought I would not be eligible for 2 FCE drop because I should have Mini. 10 courses each year ( I completed 90 credits in 3 years). Reading through UoT website, I realized that it should be mini. 28-30 credits to be considered as full course load and for wGPA. I had following: 1st year: 28 credits(9 courses) summer: 3 credits( which they won’t count) 2nd year: 28 credits( 10 courses) 3rd year: 31 credits(11 corses) I believe I am eligible for wGPA and 2FCE drop. Am I right? Do I need to write to them or
  12. Do you see section 3a/b back on the application?
  13. https://www.med.dal.ca/medix_public/admissions/application/index.cfm?message=incorrect
  14. it says MCAT score verified and the gives required score based on your GPA Are you logging in using ID and banner number?
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