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  1. Thank you. I completely agree that there are people eagerly waiting on the waitlist. I just was not sure if offer needs to be declined prior to accepting my offer of choice even though I had not accepted the other pending offer. Thank you for making it clear.
  2. I have a question. If I have two offers, do I need to decline one offer to accept the other one. Although I have not accepted the one I am planing to decline. Is it ok to accept one offer and then later decline the other offer? I hope I have made myself clear here with my question. I have accepted offer from school of my choice but still have't declined offer from another school(although I had not accepted it yet. It is still an open offer) Thanks
  3. has OMSAS been updated for UofT? what is reset buttom for?
  4. Does Toronto review reference letters and essays pre interview or post interview and how do these factor in their final decision? Do they usually contact referees before making any decsion? Just wondering if someone can shed light on it.
  5. Here is my situation. May be you can shed some light on it. I keep thinking or may overthinking about my academic reference. I had to approach 2nd referee in a hurry when only 3 days were left. I was concerned that my first referee may not be able to submit reference in time as I was getting slow response despite reminders. He was pleased to give me a reference as I had taken two courses with him securing over 98% in both and had a close interaction with him during the courses. But may be due to personal issues or may be health issues, he was not responding quick enough although he sent emai
  6. I was wondering about the same thing: 1. Are we allowed to write notes during 3 min 2. May be a stupid question but just want to confirm that time on invite is EST?
  7. Yes, you say No and give dtails of your conflict. They will reschedule you. I got rescheduled for March 7.
  8. Have they contacted you regarding rescheduling of the interview date yet?
  9. No, I dont think it is on feb 6 because we did not get any information. I believe it would come with next invites. I will send them an email today to get an update.
  10. Hve you heard anything regarding rescheduling of new interview date yet?
  11. Do you have interview at UBC on February 6? have you received any email from them regarding zoom link to log in for Feb 1 virtual registration? I am a bit concerned.
  12. How do we confirm our time if we forget? I don’t see anything on the system. Do we get email from UBC on virtual session registration log in. Mine is Feb 1 but I have not received any email yet.
  13. Did anyone receive confirmation email for Feb 1 registration session? Will UBC send link to log into the session? I feel like I have forgotten my time. How do I confirm it?
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