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  1. I just got off a couple days ago!!
  2. I have reading glasses with a very low prescription (at the highest, they are .50). Should I be wearing these when I use my dental loupes? Do I need to base the loupe magnification off of my eyeglasses prescription? I really only use them for reading but I wasn't sure if they would/wouldn't be necessary to consider when purchasing dental loupes. Any insight is helpful!
  3. in previous years when interviews were held the first weekend of April, acceptances were handed out the 25th. Considering interviews were the last week of February, I'd assume they would follow a similar pattern of letting us know within 3 and a half weeks, so i guess thats next week ish? That's my best guess but not sure the specific date
  4. also- do you need to maintain a 3.0 in each course, or overall ?
  5. does anyone know when we can expect to hear back? I know they said end of March, but anyone have a specific date?
  6. Does anyone know if U of T accepts pass/fail courses for this semester if it is not a pre-req
  7. Wait listed. does anyone know if we can find out what spot we are on the wait list?
  8. I find it really strange they would say March 1st if they didnt plan to send them out today. Hopefully we get them soon but starting to doubt we will receive anything tonight
  9. has anyone been in contact with the office to ask if they are still being released today?
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