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  1. it isnt MMI?! Did they explain what they meant by traditional?
  2. I am not familiar with how the process works for receiving a loan from either the Canadian federal government or provincial (I'm from Ontario). Does anyone know how the process works? Thanks!
  3. Pm me if you’re interested in doing interview prep together !
  4. Do they drop your worst year when calculating your GPA (even if I am in my fourth year currently)
  5. invite!!! GPA: 3.88 DAT: 22AA, 24 PAT IP
  6. @MitralLunarhow do you know your casper score?
  7. @SabaI kind of think they'll be coming out next friday, just because winter break was extended a week so I'm not sure if they're back to work just yet
  8. Does anyone from this thread know how the wait list works for UBC dental? Just got wait listed for class of 2025
  9. I am wondering the same thing. Does anyone know if they have a ranking system? And how many students are typically on the wait list?
  10. anyone get accepted out of province? and anyone know how their wait list works?
  11. wait listed. anyone know how the wait list works with UBC?
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