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  1. Wait listed. does anyone know if we can find out what spot we are on the wait list?
  2. I find it really strange they would say March 1st if they didnt plan to send them out today. Hopefully we get them soon but starting to doubt we will receive anything tonight
  3. has anyone been in contact with the office to ask if they are still being released today?
  4. Anyone know what time tomorrow we can expect the results ?
  5. It sounds like you are set on applying to U of T, however, it is extremely competitive and to just to be safe I would suggest applying to more schools. They look at a lot more than just GPA, so although your marks are high, there are several other factors that they look at when admitting students. Many other schools require a full course load so I would suggest against dropping your course. hope that helps!
  6. not too sure... in the past they normally come out on the last Friday of February but i guess anything is possible
  7. Seeing as the acceptance/rejection emails will likely be sent out tomorrow, if not Monday, I thought I’d start this forum! time stamp: accepted/rejected/waitlisted: gpa: IP/OOP: interview thoughts:
  8. I would apply to US schools. The minimum GPA for an interview at U of T is usually a 3.85, as noted on their website. US schools tend to have lower GPA requirements and a 3.7 can be much more competitive there then it is in Canada
  9. last year the interviews were held on feb 8 and 9th and the acceptances came out feb 28th which was a friday. If we follow the same pattern this years may come out feb 26th. But years prior they came out even earlier
  10. I think March 1st was the last possible day but they typically come out earlier
  11. anyone think we will hear back before February 26th? I know one year candidates heard back about 10 days after interviewing
  12. People thought it was conversational!? Oh boy. Mine was very formal too.
  13. i found it hard as well. I think I did okay, its hard to tell. But definitely caught me off guard
  14. TIMESTAMP: 11:20 am GPA: 3.93 ( best two years) DAT: 22AA, 22PAT, 24RC YEAR OF STUDY: 4th year Honours BSc at UWO IP/OOP: IP Interview Offer: Invite!
  15. @Dentyyydo you think theyre coming out today?
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