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  1. I emailed Queen's asking if we need to introduce ourselves before answering each Kira Talent question and they said "no, as we indicated in the instructions we have provided in the FAQ’s, you dont have to".........what FAQs are they talking about? I don't see any FAQs
  2. Result: Invite Time Stamp: 11:10AM EST cGPA/wGPA: 3.01/3.9 Year: completed MHSc 2 years ago, first time med applicant MCAT: 509 (125/129/127/128) ECs: Strongest part of my app I think....3+ years in research, one first author pub, 2 presentations, lots of posters, diverse volunteer activities, 3000 hours as a semi-professional musician CASPer: idk score but when I got rejected from memorial and asked for feedback the lady told me my score was "above average"
  3. Great, thanks! I have my meeting scheduled with them for tomorrow
  4. Thanks for letting us know about this! Do they give any feedback on CASPer?
  5. I saw this too and got real fired up about it so i contacted them directly lol. It is a holistic screen with no hard cut offs but they said that for OOP a 510 mcat and ~85% was competitive. They said you're not automatically excluded if below, but chances of admission are greatly diminished.
  6. hi friends since everyone is asking lol 509 mcat (125/129/127/128) 72ish average but had a huge upward trend..2 most recent undergrad years at 92, thesis-based masters with 85 average I would say that I have way above average EC's and research (not to sound like a dick)
  7. Instructions say to describe how the 3 selections for the detailed ABS demonstrate their clusters....should we SHOW them by telling a story (kind of like how the US med school apps work) rather than just telling/describing duties? Thanks!
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