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  1. that crazy...its like a month before the class was full in previous years
  2. Fingers crossed for us, waitlist gang!!!
  3. Result: Waitlisted Timestamp: 8:46am EST 4YRS GPA/2YRS GPA: 3.01/3.9 MCAT: 509(125/129/127/128) MMI and Panel Interview Thoughts: I thought both went really well Panel Date: Sun March 28 Year: Completed MHSc in 2018, did an additional year of undergrad courses in 2019, been working full time in research for the past 2 years Geography: From Ontario, currently living in the US
  4. Can someone who has an offer share the deadline to accept by? Thank you!
  5. I’m waiting on queens and no button. Are you waiting for queens too?
  6. Anything from queens? I hve nothing and no reset responses button
  7. what did the reset button mean? I literally had nightmares last night about all these conspiracy theories lmao
  8. Huge kudos to the person who went through and gathered this info! I think Queen's might update in OMSAS at midnight. In 2019, there were people on here that posted that it changed at for them at midnight and then confirmed it when the emails went out in the AM. In 2020, the only people that posted on here about it did not have a change in OMSAS at midnight. If you scroll later in the thread though, they were waitlisted so OMSAS would not have updated for them.
  9. I emailed Queen's asking if we need to introduce ourselves before answering each Kira Talent question and they said "no, as we indicated in the instructions we have provided in the FAQ’s, you dont have to".........what FAQs are they talking about? I don't see any FAQs
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