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  1. Great, thanks! I have my meeting scheduled with them for tomorrow
  2. Thanks for letting us know about this! Do they give any feedback on CASPer?
  3. I saw this too and got real fired up about it so i contacted them directly lol. It is a holistic screen with no hard cut offs but they said that for OOP a 510 mcat and ~85% was competitive. They said you're not automatically excluded if below, but chances of admission are greatly diminished.
  4. hi friends since everyone is asking lol 509 mcat (125/129/127/128) 72ish average but had a huge upward trend..2 most recent undergrad years at 92, thesis-based masters with 85 average I would say that I have way above average EC's and research (not to sound like a dick)
  5. Instructions say to describe how the 3 selections for the detailed ABS demonstrate their clusters....should we SHOW them by telling a story (kind of like how the US med school apps work) rather than just telling/describing duties? Thanks!
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