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  1. The CARMS stats are more useful for an average applicant who most likely ranks their top choice field +/- a back up and end up matching within top 3 of their ROL. That's different than someone who is ranking 3 programs from 3 different fields - harder to tailor your application and electives to convince a program that they're you're top choice. This probably also gets skewed more because large fields like FM/IM have higher match rates, and so probably (?) higher chances of being in your top 3 choices.
  2. I would be very surprised if you managed to hit even an average score on step1 after 1 year of medical school. I think if you were dedicated, you could pull a pass but test taking skills won't help if you don't have the knowledge to back it up and you're missing at least half of the content then. You'd basically look at over doubling your work load over the first year because you have to learn all the year 2 material as well + some material that the US emphasizes that Canadian schools don't. While its certainly possible, I think there are better uses of your time (friends, family, shadowing, e
  3. How much control do you have over your schedule - in terms of which weeks worked, when your call/evening shifts are? Would it for example repeat the same schedule each month, or more random depending on staffing requirements?
  4. So based on reading posts here and hearing from my school's program, a solid chunk of the residency class do fellowship in the states. If there are issues getting a job in a major center in Canada, do a significant chunk of our radiologists end up working in the states? I remember you posting about fellowship in the states as well, do you know if rads volume in Canada vs US are similar? Super helpful thread thanks for this!
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