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  1. Même chose à Sherbrooke. On nous dit que “la fac est très à l’écoute”, mais ils annulent, imposent, et changent (soit l’horaire ou la méthode d’enseignement) des cours en présentiel sans consulter les étudiants. Ils nous imposent des examens en présentiel, et nous imposent des cours pas rapport (ex: perdre 3h à jouer aux serpents et échelles pour “apprendre les déterminants de la santé” que tout le monde connaît déjà, et ce durant une semaine d’examen où on a eu seulement 5 jours pour étudier pour 5 semaines de matériel), mais à date on est juste une minorité à se plaindre alors la fac nous pr
  2. Le meilleur tremplin est celui qui t’intéresse et celui dans lequel tu vas avoir des bonnes notes. Je suis en med et je connais des personnes provenant de BEAUCOUP de programmes, dont 1 de neuro McGill et 4 de physio McGill, alors oui c’est possible.
  3. 2 cours c’est seulement s’il a choisi de faire alléger une seule session, mais s’il fait alléger ses 4 sessions à cause de ses activités sportives, il devra malheureusement faire son cégep en 3 ans (ou 2 ans et 1/2 dans le meilleur des cas) puisqu’à partir d’un certain point c’est impossible de tout rattraper en été...
  4. I really don’t think they look for improvements per se, but it’s more like they select the strongest candidates and you improve to become one of the strongest candidates (so they ultimately only look at your end point instead of your whole journey).
  5. Spot increases are most likely going to be permanent in my opinion, unless the government decides to revert everything (could happen next year tho, people are really unhappy with the current Quebec government right now and might vote liberal next year (and Quebec liberals are known to not like making med school more accessible)).
  6. Correct, I am mostly interested in managing patients with glaucoma/macular degeneration/retina problems/cortical blindness/etc. kinda stuff, I mean I like surgery but I appreciate diagnosing and managing the neurological aspects of vision more than doing 817391x cataracts cases per day. That said, I don’t think that I’m ready to pursue a MSc between year 2 and 3 of med school (I’m from Quebec so I only did one year of uni before coming to med), but if it’s my only option to make myself the slightest bit competitive I might try looking into it But if I were to be interested with neurology
  7. You have to take either the TFI or the TEF (or another French test recognized by UdeM).
  8. Am MS1 (a fetus compared to yall, I know). Doing my neurology block rn, and fell in love with ocular stuff and all of its neurological aspect (never expected to like it that much, therefore had no research experience whatsoever). Not particularly interested with surgery (like, I’m interested with LASIK, glaucoma, cataracts, retinal surgery but I’m just not ride-or-die about it like most ophthalmo gunners). So, I just want to know what to expect in the near future ahaha, or if it’s too late and switching to optometry would be a better idea at this point should I want to pursue a career in ocula
  9. You cannot start anew at another school, once an R score is in your file, it's there forever, the only way you can "delete" it is by doing 50 credits or more at a university after your cegep.
  10. another alternative is to match to neurology and then gun for neuroophthalmo fellowship, I’ve seen one neuro ophthalmologist who did her residency in neurology and not ophthalmo, and after that she’s mostly doing retinal cases in her practice! I honestly was surprised upon hearing that this was possible.
  11. Interesting. So it's possible that she's just making such a sob story to gain sympathy despite having all the money to pay for this? That's indeed terrible and extremely unethical if true.
  12. C'est sûr que non, nos examens cliniques viennent d'être annulés alors il n'est absolument pas question d'avoir des MEMs en présentiel. Par contre, je ne sais pas s'il y aura des MEMs virtuelles, ou cela va être remplacé par le CASPer tout court.
  13. No, the only things that matter are 1 - your MMI/CASPer performance, and 2 - your R score (and it's starting to have less importance right now, seeing that Laval doesn't take your R score into account at all, and Montreal doesn't even look at your R score post-interview). The only way ECs might make a difference is that it might help you develop interpersonal skills and consequently help your MMI/CASPer performance.
  14. This. Even I'm a fetus compared to you guys (I've just started med school this year haha), but I'm starting to see some things that are making me real skeptical... it's almost as if everyone, be it applicants, 1st year students, older students, staff, teachers, etc., is trying hard to pretend that they're perfect and invulnerable, and that the medical world is an absolute utopia where everyone within it is morally "perfect" (in the sense of they are motivated by nothing else than motivation, hopes and dreams of caring for humankind (I know that this might be people's main motivation of choosin
  15. 3 possibilités, je pense: 1 - MEMs par Zoom/Teams (l'idéal, mais très difficile à organiser, voire impossible étant donné les limitations technologiques) 2 - CASPer Snapshot 3 - CASPer traditionnel Les entrevues en personne sont absolument hors de question. Même les facultés de médecine sont réticentes et prennent 10000 précautions pour leurs examens d'habileté clinique en personne pour leurs étudiants (on ne veut surtout pas une éclosion dans les facultés), sorry mais je ne pense vraiment pas qu'ils soient ouverts à organiser des entrevues et à y inviter n'importe qui cett
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