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  1. I do think that virtual is great for people who live far away since it can save you guys tons of money And yes, good luck to everyone! Hoping that the luck will be on our side this round.
  2. I thought that is really weird too. How are we supposed to do in that situation? Are they expecting us to get cut off or are we supposed to just pause idk.
  3. I also do not feel great after my interview. I could not think straight and was exhausted already during the first station because school has already been so busy. I am feeling really sad right now...
  4. What can the current Canadian med students do though, given the situation? I know there are advocacy by the CFMS going on, but it seems like it's not getting anywhere.
  5. That sounds pretty bad and ineffective. Sounds like just bunch of government officials doing what's the easiest for them (not a fan of politicians in general). It sucks to know that there might be "no road" for med school graduates after completing an extra 4 years of schooling and sacrifice etc. Seems like a broken system to me. Wish I can do something about it.
  6. Idk, but my friends keep saying that the US match system is way better, at least for competitive specialties (especially if you go to a top 10 med school). It also seems less arbitrary. I feel angry for my friends whenever I hear them talking about not getting into a competitive specialty even though they are very qualified for that specialty (multiple publications, have been smart and diligent students ever since high school for example). It just seems unfair to them to work so hard just to feel bummed due to getting stuck in a specialty they aren't passionate about.
  7. I still think that the Canadian government should do something about this whole CaRMS thing because without enough funding whatever issues we currently have persist. It creates so much stress for med students, more so than in any other country I have heard of. I have also heard quite a few sad stories of applicants working so hard just to get matched to a specialty that they are not interested just to avoid being unmatched. CaRMS is just so stupid...
  8. Thank you guys so much! I feel better and less worried after reading these comments! <3
  9. Hi guys! So I've been giving this some thought ever since I submitted my App: I put a writing contest in the High Performance in Human Endeavor category. It seemed like a good idea when I wrote and submitted my App, but now I'm starting to doubt that my activity counts in this category. I don't know if it's too late to contact UBC Med Admissions about this mistake. Will they think I have poor judgement or just dumb and can't tell what counts as a high achievement? For context: none of my verifiers that I know of have been contacted, so I'm starting to worry what if UBC decided to not conside
  10. Stupid question but I don't know the answer so: What is RG? And how did you know someone read your papers?
  11. The very top thread I see is "Accepted/Waitlisted/Rejected", are you referring to that one?
  12. Hi everyone! So I'm wondering just how important is your length of commitment to an activity? The longest commitment for my NAQ is 2 years, and the rest are usually 1 year or less than that because I have a diverse interest and tend to switch from one club to another to explore different clubs, activities, and roles (I didn't want to box myself in only a few organizations and roles just so it looks nice on applications). My ECs are really diverse but I'm just worried that they won't be good enough for UBC due to the relatively short length of involvement (a lot of people seem to be involved
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