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  1. How do you view the scope of practice of np and pa s in 15-20 years? How will the physician-np/pa relationship be? Do you see midlevels taking the place of family doctors? What will they do then?
  2. I think it will be very useful for medical students have a centralised thread where current residents and physicians about what to expect in their specialites. medical specialty: Province and is the below info location dependant? Typical income after overhead for your specialty: Typical work hours/week (clinical+other) for your specialty: Call?: The very good: The good: The bad: The ugly: Will you do it again? Bonus info:
  3. may sound stupid, but why is anesthesiology considered a lifestyle specialty but not surgery? I mean, they both need to be present during surgery right? And will I ever be able to see the sunlight again if I become a surgeon? Is the lifestyle that bad?
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