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  1. Hey i finished my Pharmacy degree in Canada, and I believe dental school counts as undergrad, so your dental school GPA will be used. I called a couple of Canadian med school admission offices, they all said my PharmD degree would count as a second undergrad, and its GPA would count as most med schools in Canada take the avg of all undergrad courses.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm a pharmacist working in Ontario. I graduated from Bachelor of Science years ago and did PharmD (doctor of pharmacy). I want to apply for medical school in the upcoming cycle, however after calling some Canadian med schools, it seems they take my PharmD as an undergrad degree and use it for GPA calculation. I had a great GPA for undergrad, 3.9, and I never cared about marks when I did pharmacy degree (2.9), mainly because I never thought I would switch profession. After doing some basic research, it looks like US medical schools take my pharmacy degree a bit different
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