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  1. A few other applicants in this cycle told me that but I’m not sure where they heard! :$
  2. Me neither.. I heard they are coming today?! Idk if thats true but I’m keeping my fingers crossed
  3. Time stamp 4:14 Result: Interview (MD) GPA: 4.00 MCAT: 526 ECs: lots of long term and diverse volunteering, some research Essays: started early and tried my best Year: 3rd undergrad
  4. Ok, thank you so much, that’s reassuring haha. I was just worried since I was under the impression that UBC doesn’t look at MCAT scores after you meet the cutoff and I know a lot of applicants have amazing research and work experience that I don’t have. I guess we all have different strengths! Best of luck with your application :)
  5. mine doesn’t say that :/ I submitted early (in mid Aug) & my last name starts with A lol
  6. Omg congrats!!! I haven't heard anything yet. I'm OOP. What email was it from?
  7. Does anyone know what time they send out invites? Is it later for OOPs?
  8. omg... I have been obsessively checking like every day. This is going to be a painfully long wait
  9. The least two years it came out on a Wednesday... maybe we will hear on the 7th? hopefully not the 14th
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