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  1. CONGRATS!!! did you get any updates on OMSAS at midnight?
  2. Yeah that makes sense and I think this was just and instance of me over analyzing and harshly critiquing my interview for no reason haha. I truly do understand now why people hate the wait cuz all that seems to be coming to my mind is “darn, I should have said this?” I guess that is normal to overanalyze but going to try and keep myself busy. It is definitely out of my control now. Thanks for helping calm my anxiety, I really appreciate it!
  3. Hey, so during my interview i misunderstood a question that was posed to me. The panelists asked if that’s all I would like to add and then I realized that the question they asked was different. I apologized and then Continued to answer my question properly. Just beating myself up over this. Is this really a death sentence for the interview? I felt good overall but this has been bothering me ever since the interview finished. thanks!
  4. Hey i missed the signup by a couple of minutes, are you guys going to be adding dates or hosting other similar interview prep sessions?
  5. Hi all, considering that many students were forced to accept P/F for some of their courses during the winter 2020 semester (thus making more than 1 P/F per semester that uOttawa allows), will this academic year just not count for them in the new cGPA calculation? I was under the impression that they would be more understanding in these circumstances since many students did not have any control over this situation. 2 of my courses this semester were graded as pass/fail and I did not have an option to obtain a numerical grade Thanks!
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