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  1. I just received my rejection letter from u of t cant say im not disappointed but will try again next year!
  2. Hey guys just wanted to update my stats since ORPAS sent out the calculated GPA Applied + (PT or OT?): PT: Queens and UofT and Monash University(Australia) OT: MacAccepted: Monash University (DPT program in Australia) Waitlisted:Rejected:Opras calculated GPA:c-gpa: 3.31 and s-gpa: 3.73Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: I volunteered for 100 hours with two physiotherapists and have been volunteering with various other organizations since I was 13. I feel strongly about my references and essays but my gpa was calculated lower than expected Hopefully it works out
  3. Does anyone know how the grading scale for ORPAS works? I have a bunch of A's on my transcripts that were converted to 3.9 on the calculation rather than a 4.0 even though 4.0 is an A at my university
  4. Hey guys, Does anyone know how to check application statuses for queens, western and U of T? I have not received any confirmation or link to check the status but I did for McMaster is that normal?
  5. I think that is a ridiculous system that is unfair to those who do not have access to a quiet space at home or have difficulties concentrating and or typing. I think that making people pay application fees and submitting applications for their program just to have everything negated because you were unable to complete this test is simply ridiculous and a cash grab. I would understand if this test occurred prior to allowing you to submit your application to help determine if you can continue on or not. But removing candidates based on these results is frankly ridiculous and is even worse if you
  6. Anyone else think the casper is so stupid, honestly dont think its fair that we never get to see our score or understand how scoring occurs. I feel like its truly a cash grab
  7. I got very lucky with my volunteer experience as my mom happened to be going to a Physiothearpy clinic after an accident so she got me a volunteer position. I feel that instead of applying online it is better to walk into physio clinics and asking the physiotherapists directly if they have room for volunteers. Alternatively, if you know anyone that goes to a physio clinic ask them to ask the therapist themselves as you may get an in. Other than that Goodluck!
  8. when you registering for the test it says add ORPAS ID number after you select the university. If you have already the Casper im not 100% sure
  9. Hey did anyone apply to U Ottawa for Physiothearpy. I was just completing my application and it wants me to upload a resume but im confused what I should put on the resume. Currently I have one for my work experience but it has little to do with physiowork.
  10. According to the UBC website "Two of these referees must provide an Academic reference, and the third referee must provide a Volunteer/Work Experience reference." SO it looks like 2 are academic references and one is a workplace reference. https://osot.ubc.ca/prospective-students/welcome-international-applicants/application-procedures-for-international-applicants/ Where I got the info.
  11. Applied + (PT or OT?): Im applying both OT and PT at: Queens, U of T, Western and UBCAccepted:Waitlisted:Rejected:GPA:c-gpa and s-gpa: CGPA: 3.51 SGPA: 3.88Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: I just started volunteering at a Physio clinic so as of now I have no perceived strengths especially during COVID LOL
  12. Hey Guys I thought I would start the post to continue the tradition of having this thread for applicants in 2021! Applied + (PT or OT?): Accepted: Waitlisted: Rejected: GPA:c-gpa and s-gpa Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: Questions you may have regarding Physiotherapy or applications:
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