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  1. has anyone else still not recieved a campus designation?
  2. unspecified and I'm still waiting on my assignment - hoping it comes out today
  3. if any is interested in meeting up to practice a few times per week, feel free to PM me!
  4. I'd be interested in prep! sorry, ignore me, wrong forum
  5. hey! Last year I got a 130/127/129/130 and I ended up retaking for cars. I did it mainly bc 128+ really increases your chances for mac and in the past, western's cut off has ranged from like 130-127, so I felt safer retaking for western as well. 128 is also the cut off for OOP u of alberta applicants. The final factor was that I didn't think my summer could be spent more productively doing anything else bc of covid. it took me a long time to decide, so feel free to message me for advice!
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