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  1. Hi everyone I got an offer off the UofT OT waitlist Thursday and just accepted! Hopefully more will be coming out!
  2. I'm surprised they're already at capacity since I haven't seen anyone comment about getting off the waitlist, do they send out more acceptances than seats?
  3. Hi has anyone that received an acceptance offer have a Withdrawal for a course on their transcript? I'm curious if schools look at that negatively or not.
  4. Hi does anyone know from previous years how much the UofT OT waitlist moves or how big it is?
  5. Has anyone that applied to Dal OT sent in your transcripts before the deadline but your application status says it was received after? Wondering if it is a big deal
  6. Thanks! Did your school let you cc grad studies? I have to request official transcripts online and they won't let me cc, I wonder if it's really important to the application
  7. Hi! Has anyone requested transcripts be sent at the end of their Fall term through ORPAS and their status is still pending?? Also, if you're applying to OT Dal do we just need to submit two copies of our transcripts to otadmissions@dal.ca?
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