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  1. Hey greysweater, I really appreciate the sentiment I'm kind of realizing I'm missing the service ethic aspect as well. I'll try to get some volunteering for that side of things in the next few months until my application.
  2. Hi, I'm attempting to apply for the UBC med school next year, and I would really appreciate some objective feedback about my chances of being accepted. My current AGPA is at 85.1% at UBC, which is on the lower side, and I've from using the formula, it puts me around 23 AQ. My current ECs are a mess of everything. I'm a national team U24 athlete, participating in the sport for 5 years, with gold and silver medals from the world championships of that sport, with various accomplishments ranging in national tournaments as well (1500-2000 hours). I also have been part of an
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