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  1. I’m just wondering if people could share how many follow up or probing questions you got through during the interview? For me I only got through 1-2 per station.
  2. I actually think I did terrible on that station. I freaked out when I couldn’t connect after 2 minutes. And yes, they said they’d put a note on my file.
  3. nope, I only had around 4 minutes for one station + poor audio. But I was “reassured” they collected enough information for assessment.
  4. You are not alone. I am killing myself each time I think of the things I should have said. Oh well, I try not to think about it now that it won’t change anything. Good luck!
  5. Yeah, I am using a MacBook, tho with an external monitor. I dont think my audio quality changes too much when I switch from the build-in mic to my AirPods. So confused. Update: they said it’s better to not use AirPod and just go with the built in cam/mic.
  6. Hi friends, On the usage guide, UBC recommends using headphones for the interview, but this morning I got an email stating that we should avoid using AirPods. Since I do not have any wired headphones, is it better to just not use headphones at all then? Thanks.
  7. From what I understood, you only need at least 90 credits before matriculation. You can always apply with whatever you have, UBC will contact you if they are concerned about your ability to meet the 90 credit requirement and you just have to prove to them how you plan to meet the credit requirement.
  8. Sorry for reviving an old thread. Very interesting topic. Does anyone know if UBC treats GPA from all schools equally post interview?
  9. Yes, but they also said (i don’t know why they said it and where they got their info from): The UBC system also takes into account any NAQ activities that you received course credit for into their AQ calculation. These equations do not take this into account. that’s what got me kind of confused. Again that person might be incorrect, since there is no way we can know for sure. But I agree with you on the second part.
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