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  1. Oh thanks, I didn't know that. I just tried what you said and double checked my info and it said your email and number dont match our records. The format of the reference id is like this right? #-DAT-R-#
  2. I know I didn't do well, and still haven't received mine yet. Everyone who got their result did pretty well, do you think it's being released based on how well you did? top scores... first, poor scores...last
  3. I asked them a similar question, and they said yeah it doesn't really improve your chances
  4. Hey, do you mind sharing some of your stats? I heard that Ireland relies heavily on the rolling admission process , so I'm also wondering if applying early means a guaranteed spot ?
  5. Yeah LOC from banks is oftentimes the main resource. Wow, you submitted your application so early, I know some people who aren't even done applying yet.
  6. I'm more worried about getting accepted in the first place. I don't know what they prioritize when it comes to applications... but I'm guessing GPA is not a big factor for them.
  7. Do you think there will be people who might decline and allow more spots to open up for lower groups?
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