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  1. Are u talkin about A cegepien going to uni? •_•
  2. LOL. I’m tired for real, I just wanna chill
  3. Since the first semester is done and my application is made, I started to aim for lower grades like 60-70s since they told us that it’s just our grades of the first semester that are considered in our CEGEP application and that CEGEP only looks if you pass or not your second semester. But I heard from other people that in programs like health science, they also look at ur second semester grades, is it true?
  4. Merxiii d’avoir pris le temps de répondre frl. Ca m’aidera à faire mon choix de Cegep. Passe une belle soirée
  5. Est-ce qu’à ton avis, Maisonneuve c’est un bon CEGEP, genre si t’avais à refaire ton Cegep tu prendrais le même Cegep. Et aussi, Qu’est ce qui est mieux Bdeb ou Maisonneuve, et si c Maisonneuve c quoi qui est mieux et aussi pour le programme enrichi à Maisonneuve, est ce que y’a cote r et calcule avec tous les groupes de SN ou juste avec ta classe.
  6. Okiee c’est plus claire merci beaucoup
  7. Hello. can someone plz explain to me what’s IFG in Cegep. And How does it affect a student when the IFG is low or high? And also if a student'sgrades are average (not too high from the average nor too low) like always in the surroundings. Is his r score going to be very low like below 25. And is it that hard to have an r score of 30? thx
  8. Okay thanks! mais vous pensez quoi de Maisonneuve, puisque c’est le seul collège public à côté de moi!
  9. Okay parfait! Merci Beaucoup pour les précisions ça m’aide beaucoup!
  10. Oui c’est vrai. Mais je ne vais pas apprendre une nouvelle, mon but c’est de m’améliorer en anglais. Je trouve qu’étudier en anglais, c’est avantageux parce que t’as plus de ressources. Mais à ton avis quel CEGEP francophone serait le meilleur ?
  11. Yeah I heard that too, but I’ll ask to be sure Thanks
  12. Oh yeah Vanier totally forgot about it. I should consider it too, thanks for that. Okay, so I really need to work hard this semester . Last question I promise. umm do they consider something if u r in an IB program in secondary school, like does it change anything on your application?
  13. Okaaay Thanks. So I need to get 88 and above in moyenne générale to be sure I’ll get accepted in Health Science. But moyenne générale is the sec 4 marks + the first semester of sec 5 marks? if yes which one counts more. Because I’m pretty sure that my science sec 4 are more higher ( 99,93 and 89) than my sec 5 physics & chemistry (cuz physics are killin me O_o). Have a nice daaay
  14. I thank you again very much. Your answers are very useful and helpful. But I just got a last question (after that imma stop bothering y’all •_•) Is it hard to get into Dawson? Do I need to get 90s and above to get into this college or just basic grades will allow me too to get into Dawson?
  15. Omg thank u for ur message, u really reassured me, I’m really more confident now. Thank u guys! I hope u achieve your dreams and have a gooooood liiife
  16. Oh okie thank you, that’s very nice of u Umm.. as a Francophone in an English College where almost everyone is anglophone, I am going to need sometime to adjust myself and be like en retard par rapport aux autres, will this be a disadvantage for my first session? Also, do u think I should do English courses to be prepared? And are the philosophy courses obliged in Science Health program? Also if u have time and want to do it, can u share with us ur experience like what was hard for u, what did u do to improve as a french student and what courses need more work? And ik that
  17. Hey y’all! I’m hesitating between Dawson and Bois de Boulogne and I need u guys to guide me to make the best choice. So I’m Francophone, im not the best in English, I’m like basic. I do wanna go to Dawson because I heard a lot of good things about it and my friends that went into French colleges told me to go to Dawson, but I’m scared to find the English level too high for me and duck up my R score •_•. Bois de Boulogne is good. A lot of students get accepted into med school. But I just don’t feel the vibe there. I heard that french teachers usually want their stu
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