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  1. I would guess that it will be tomorrow. Fingers crossed, and good luck!
  2. I would say that it will be tomorrow or Wednesday. They told me "early in the week" via email, but I also know they are allowing graduate students to provide proof of degree completion until Tuesday at 4:30. That said, I would guess they will wait until this information is submitted before they send out interview information. I would also guess that the person who posted stats may have been trolling to stress others out.
  3. I believe they said in the meeting today that rejections would come out closer to the end of January/early February
  4. I know right? But at least now we won't be constantly refreshing our emails all day. Good luck to everyone next week!
  5. I was speaking with admissions today and they told me that interview decisions would be sent out early next week.
  6. Received an invite at 12:23 Eastern time. MCAT: 507, high GPA OOP with strong rural connection Hospital volunteering, varsity athlete, research-based master's with publication and conference presentations, 10 years of varied work experience Edit: Regular application deadline
  7. I read somewhere that their interview capacity is 384, but not sure if that is accurate this year or not.
  8. Do we think Snapshot may have played a role in invites this year? So odd and I'm sorry to hear this
  9. Interview is a 35-40 minute virtual asynchronous MMI. Similar to in-person interviews, you have a few minutes to read the question and then up to five minutes to give your answer. Your recordings are then saved for interviewers to review.
  10. IP (NB) Invite at 2:09 ADT MCAT: 507 GPA: 4.0 BSc and MSc
  11. NB applicant! Received my invite at 12:23 ADT. 507 MCAT, 4.0 GPA for both BSc and MSc.
  12. New update! The website has been changed again and now says we will hear back between October 21-30!
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