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  1. I know, it's really unfair. Schools shouldn't be able to change the cut-offs mid application cycle, but I guess they have that advantage since we never see our CASPer scores. Sorry to hear about your rejection
  2. My speculation is the people who got contacted ~ a month ago did not pass the -1.5SD cut off, and then they later decided to increase the cutoff based on the significant amount of applications, but did not inform those who were past the -1.5 but below whatever they chose as the cut-off. Just my two cents though
  3. Late to posting but: Invite! Time stamp: 2:09 ADT IP (NB) MCAT: 503 GPA: 3.9 Really surprised to hear about all the IP rejects/higher CASPer cut-off
  4. Received my invite at 12:26PM ADT!! NB applicant (IP) MCAT: 503 GPA: ~3.85 (I think)
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