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  1. So, check out this article. https://www.cbc.ca/radio/whitecoat/how-nurse-practitioners-are-bridging-the-gap-between-family-doctors-and-the-er-1.6267206 “…it was an hour visit with her. OK, I hadn't had that much attention ever from a GP," she said. "And from there, she did my entire [medical] history. She was able to get everything down." As I understand, this was her initial visit with the NP. Almost any first visit takes that long. So there is nothing special about the NP here. But the author deliberately misleads people by suggesting that an hour-long NP appointment is a norm
  2. If a person does not have at least permanent residency status, the connection to Canada is considered very weak. So there is a big chance that a person will take off if they can't (or don't want to) re-pay. As I understand, this student does not have the residency status and is not eligible for carms. There is no guarantee that he will get the status. Loaning $400K to a person without good job prospects is unreasonable.
  3. So what? Of course people will ask to modify and re-submit, this is a life-long career we are talking about. If a referee refuses, then that's it. But if some referees agree to do it, then what's the problem? What a sh*t move!
  4. I was wondering, if the majority of my rotations (80+%) are away rotations, will it look strange on my CaRMS application? Additionally (and I understand you may not know that), will it affect how I am looked at at my home school?
  5. Hi robclem21, could you comment substantially about my reasoning regarding the CD8 t cells and why you find it incredibly ignorant? I read several articles stating that after translation, the spike protein is degraded and presented on MHC I. robclem21, talks about blind trust in professionals and I get it, we trust professionals blindly all the time. But if I have a specific question and I can't find an answer and instead of answering the question, I get something like: stops asking questions and trust me. Nope, this only reinforces my worries.
  6. So, what are your specific concerns regarding the vaccines? For example, do you think mRNA can get integrated into DNA and stay there forever? Or are you worried that CD8 t cells will attack the cell that takes up the mRNA vaccines and presents the spike protein? My worry was that mRNA will not end up in a muscle cell but will get onto the bloodstream and get endocytosed by hepatocytes or cardiomyocytes, or some other important cells. Then, those important cells will present the antigen on MHC I, which will result in a CD8 t cell attack and death of those precious cells. So, maybe what I am wr
  7. Oh, that's a nightmare. How did you deal with that, if you don't mind me asking?
  8. Thank you, frenchpress. This is an excellent perspective.
  9. Can someone enlighten me please? If the deadline for LORs is January 31, should I schedule my important electives early in the year? But on the other hand, if the 4th year electives start in August, then by the end of December, theoretically, all of the electives should be finished (~21 weeks). The last preceptor will have the whole month to write the letter. Am I missing anything?
  10. Maybe it's too naïve of me, but will it worth going through all the hoops in Italy just to work there for a year or two, just to experience the country and a regular day-to-day living. If anyone knows about procedures in Italy, please respond.
  11. Good ol' "I did not study at all, got 100, got dean's list, accepted into med school with full scholarship". Why even waste time on such threads?
  12. Thanks, ACHQ, it makes sense.
  13. Thanks. That sucks. Agree with the previous speakers, It looks like a clear money grab.
  14. Can someone comment please, what is the point of doing 5 years of GIM if one can complete 3 years of IM and 2 years of specialty and then be qualified to do either specialty (if there is a job) or just GIM?
  15. this ^^ Plus, due to the super non-transparent requirements and the bizarre formula that they use (I checked it), only a few people (if any) will benefit from this program. So, in reality, OMSAS/AFMC will be out of a couple of thousand dollars, an equivalent of 10-20 regular applicants and that's it. A low price to pay for PR purposes. Moreover, I'd expect a sharp rise in OMSAS/AFMC fees in one or two cycles. So, in the end, all these charity stunts will be paid by regular applicants. So, don't be naïve and start praising them. These application services are absolutely for profit, and
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