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  1. Thank you for your feedback, Aetherus. I guess keeping a light and positive discussion is called blatant disregard now I already regret posting here. People need to chill.
  2. I am not ignoring. It's just not what I wanted to hear and it makes me a bit resistant. I just can't imaging that it's actually a good idea to do nothing during the summer before med school. I guess, I'll do mild studying with Anki and that's it.
  3. funny, but no. I have nothing to do during the summer and I am not good at pure memorization (I need more time normally), so I thought I'd start earlier.
  4. Thanks, but I am not convinced I think at least creating an Anki deck for this monstrous drug list is a must do right now.
  5. Hi. I was blessed to be accepted to a med school. Now, I have a couple of months to prepare for it. I checked syllabi in anatomy and pharmacology and, oh boy, how much material there is! Should I start memorizing bones and muscles? Should I start tackling this near 200 drugs list? My gut says "yes, you should've started yesterday". What do you think?
  6. Tomorrow is the day. I can't comprehend that waiting for a decision is not a matter of years anymore, but hours. I am super nervous. I have never been nervous like that in my life. I think I'll have to take a couple of Apo-Zolpidem pills tomorrow before opening my email.
  7. Hi all, do you guys think it is possible the results will be released earlier than 14th?
  8. zedmed, you are definitely overthinking this. In the manual it is said, the ranking of applicants is anonymous. And even if it is not, they specifically encouraged questions and they even host this zoom meeting as an opportunity to ask questions.
  9. Do you guys have any idea what the school asks referees when they talk to them?
  10. I was wondering if they start contacting the referees in the alphabetical order of the applicants' name. But it seems that it is randomly.
  11. It is used to rule out candidates (at least that's what the manual says). What is the first letter of your family name?
  12. Kerrdy, I know, right. All speculations. The truth is in the middle somewhere.
  13. I still think the number of interviewees was larger, but I don't think it is as high as 360 (i.e. +30% from last year). If it's true, they had to find 60+ individual assessors, select them, train them, give them technology etc. Seems like a huge project.
  14. Manifestmd, no worries. I am not disputing your information. Agree, the College said there was a record number of OOP applicants, which could increase the number they interviewed.
  15. I saw in one day there were only 45 slots available. Over the two days, there were 6 sessions. 6*45 = 270 people, seems like a small number. But 60 per session seems like a lot and overall 360 is a lot.
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