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  1. Thank you, frenchpress. This is an excellent perspective.
  2. Can someone enlighten me please? If the deadline for LORs is January 31, should I schedule my important electives early in the year? But on the other hand, if the 4th year electives start in August, then by the end of December, theoretically, all of the electives should be finished (~21 weeks). The last preceptor will have the whole month to write the letter. Am I missing anything?
  3. Maybe it's too naïve of me, but will it worth going through all the hoops in Italy just to work there for a year or two, just to experience the country and a regular day-to-day living. If anyone knows about procedures in Italy, please respond.
  4. Good ol' "I did not study at all, got 100, got dean's list, accepted into med school with full scholarship". Why even waste time on such threads?
  5. Thanks, ACHQ, it makes sense.
  6. Thanks. That sucks. Agree with the previous speakers, It looks like a clear money grab.
  7. Can someone comment please, what is the point of doing 5 years of GIM if one can complete 3 years of IM and 2 years of specialty and then be qualified to do either specialty (if there is a job) or just GIM?
  8. this ^^ Plus, due to the super non-transparent requirements and the bizarre formula that they use (I checked it), only a few people (if any) will benefit from this program. So, in reality, OMSAS/AFMC will be out of a couple of thousand dollars, an equivalent of 10-20 regular applicants and that's it. A low price to pay for PR purposes. Moreover, I'd expect a sharp rise in OMSAS/AFMC fees in one or two cycles. So, in the end, all these charity stunts will be paid by regular applicants. So, don't be naïve and start praising them. These application services are absolutely for profit, and
  9. MD Financial is owned by Scotiabank, so they are not totally impartial. I think you'll get the same advice in a bank and MD Financial in terms of investment. The only difference is MDM will tailor your investments according to your plans for residency, specialty and prospective income.
  10. Med school is not different from other professional situations. My advice, do not get involved with people you see/interact *every day* in a non-dating set up, when you can't escape being constantly seen, assessed, judged, evaluated, discussed by your 'partner'. You accidentally said something silly => "oh, I heard you saying this... do you really think that? It's ok if you do, but..." You came late => "oh, you live 20 minutes away, why are you late?" You skipped a day of school => "where have you been? You don't look sick. Where have you been?" And if you break up and h
  11. bearded frog, very interesting and useful material, thank you! I was wondering how the cancellation of visiting electives affected out-of-province/school matches. The past year was an unusual one, I wonder whether the 2021 match differs from 2020 and earlier matches.
  12. Any examples of that? This is a very bizarre accusation. Here's an example of doctors protesting their own pay raise https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/doctors-march-raise-health-care-1.4591726 But I agree, doctors need way better organization, a much stronger lobby and much smarter negotiators. I think current leaders are in a very good place individually, they have been through the golden ages and they do not have incentives to fight. It is up to us, the next generation, to do all the hard work. And I'm fine with that.
  13. agree. But seriously, for some people it's hard to use bright pink/blue Barbie colours, it will literally mean never using the backpack and never having this experience. I think, the colours should be neutral or individualized for each person.
  14. The last thing we need is politicizing backpacks
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