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  1. also for people who got off the waitlist did you guys get email or call from dal?
  2. so since yesterday was the deadline to register for dal, does that mean it was the majority of mvt?
  3. Is there any NB people that are considering a school outside of Dal? just wanted to gage the mvt for waitlist.
  4. Hi all, I was just wondering is there is a dal interview facebook group or something where we can practice interview together? MUN has it and they also have current medical school students leading those groups? Maybe I am just missing something?
  5. Invite! at 2:09pm Atlantic time IP (NB) 3.8, 515 good luck everyone!
  6. Reject for interview IP (NB) MCAT: 515 GPA: ~3.8 EC: pretty diverse (and yes clinical and research experience + sports and other extracurriculars) Honesty really confused as well
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