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  1. Hi everyone! I am also trying to decide between accepting an offer from Western vs. McMaster so I was hoping to hear more input on the pros and cons for each university! As of right now these are the pros/cons that I have gathered: Western: Pros: More well-developed international placement opportunities and greater flexibility for applying for these placements throughout the degree (Mac only lets you apply for international opportunities for the final placement, and rarely for the 3rd one); the campus is beautiful; a focus on social justice and inclusion issues; a longer a
  2. Hi HopefulPT95! I was wondering if you had any ideas on how the cGPA and subGPA calculations might change if a person didn't complete the traditional 5 ORPAS credits per semester in 3rd and 4th year? It appears that they weight/average things differently for the calculations if that's the case (via the info given on the website), but I'm a bit confused on how to apply it to my own circumstances (i.e., I completed the typical full time [5 half courses in Fall 2016, 5 half courses in Winter 2017], but then I also did 3 half courses for summer of 2017, 3 half courses for Fall of 2017, and I
  3. Hi All, I was hoping for some advice on how to understand calculating subGPA (using the last 10 full credits, or the last 20 half credits) for someone who hasn't completed the traditional 5 course per semester for Fall/Winter sessions. I'm hoping to get an accurate estimate of the ORPAS subGPA calculation, because I'm trying to figure out if I would make the competitive cutoff for applications. In my circumstances in particular, I completed 5 courses per Fall 2016 and per Winter 2017 of 3rd year, but then I also completed 3 credits for Summer 2017 (not sure if this counted as 3rd o
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