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  1. If we didn't hear anything regarding CASPer does that mean we made the cutoff? Did they contact people to tell them their CASPer was not good enough?
  2. OOP rejection (1:04 pm EST) MCAT: 526 (132/130/132/132) GPA: 4.0 Connection: wrote about my great grandfather who was a physician in rural Atlantic Canada
  3. my stats: 4.0 GPA, 526 MCAT (130 cars) EC: varied, long-term, diverse year: 3rd undergrad CASPer: met Dal's cutoff
  4. omg just got an invite!! OOP applicant 4.0 526 (130 cars)
  5. no idea.. maybe the people today didn't make cutoffs or something? considering its ~5pm in Halifax it looks like they're done sending emails for today... :/
  6. me neither:/ I'm starting to think it won't be today...
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