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    premed0821 reacted to ceelbe in Feelings after interview?   
    I’m not a med student (hopefully one day) but I am a healthcare professional so take my opinion as you wish, but I really feel like having that “tough love” personality in healthcare only works on a handful of patients. If you can find ways to be more empathetic I think that goes a long way. That being said, being empathetic doesn’t mean you let people walk all over you. If someone were to “call me a MF” I would tell them that I’m here to help them and I don’t appreciate them speaking to me that way and that if they would prefer we discuss their care at a later point then I can come back but I will not tolerate being yelled at. It’s to the point, respectful and sets boundaries, and often times I find patients are taken aback and realize how disrespectful they’re being and then apologize (not always). Regardless of your profession, there’s zero tolerance for workplace violence and that includes verbal abuse. Just my two cents from working with patients in a hospital. And I’ve seen lotsss of crazy stuff lol I’ve had patients yell, hit, kick, inappropriately touch me, had patients flip me off, I’ve been sworn at, and even had an IV needle waved around at me to threaten me. But still had to maintain professionalism, although it’s hard sometimes, especially with a needle all up in your face 
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    premed0821 reacted to Mikasa in Feelings after interview?   
    Im really glad to see this post and see that Im not the only one feeling confused haha. It was weird leaving the zoom and sit alone ,in my room, with nobody to talk about it  and relate :') 
    I really liked the acting scenario, I forgot i was in an interview. In one station. But some station oh man, I feel like I was not clear enough. And I definetly wish we had more time.
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    @elime your profile picture is a good depiction of my inner self almost at every station.
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    premed0821 reacted to abcd1288 in Feelings after interview?   
    Same dates for IP and OOP. https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/key-dates
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    premed0821 reacted to sambanista in 2021 UCalgary Interview Invites/Regrets   
    We have now roughly reached the halfway point between the start of Wednesday and the end of Friday. Good luck everyone! I'm making sure to add some extra self care into my day to de-stress. If we can jump through all the other hoops in this process, we can handle another day and a half
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    premed0821 reacted to Ali-oop in 2021 UCalgary Interview Invites/Regrets   
    'Cause past is prologue? And actually, it seems U of C does care- moreso than many schools given their dedication to keeping applicants informed, etc. Lots of people apply to both schools, esp IPs, and some will get two Rs. Rs are hard to take- read this blog- they clearly gut people. Historically, the two schools do not do that to their applicants on the same day. I don't think it's a coincidence. 
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    premed0821 reacted to barromac in 2020-2021 Interview/Regrets   
    So far it seems like everyone got that with their regrets email so I'm guessing they're just trying to keep us hopeful haha
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    premed0821 got a reaction from GH0ST in 2020-2021 Interview/Regrets   
    time Stamp: 3:04 PM EST
    Result: Rejected (it sounds like I'm on a waitlist?)
    GPA: 4.0
    MCAT: 526
    Current/Past Degree: 3rd UG
    Geography (IP/OOP):  OOP
    Extracurricular Activities score /16 (awards, achievements, volunteering, employment, research, etc.): filled out all 16; volunteering heavy, some clubs, awards, some research; will update with score
    CASPer: good enough for Manitoba, Mac, Ottawa, etc
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    premed0821 reacted to Goldie in 2021 UCalgary Interview Invites/Regrets   
    I'm first time applicant too!!! AND this is the only school I applied to. Friday definitely feels so far away right now!
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    premed0821 reacted to hopeful5332 in 2021 UCalgary Interview Invites/Regrets   
    I am a first time applicant and I'm really hoping they send the invites out soon. I don't want to keep rethinking and doubting my application until Friday lol
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    premed0821 reacted to ellagirl in 2021 UCalgary Interview Invites/Regrets   
    @Goldie I am also just checking non-stop. I really hope they come out today because I don't know if I can do another 2 days of this (also my productivity can't continue like this haha)
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    premed0821 reacted to poorpremed in Queens Interview Invites/Regrets 2021   
    I just want to wish everyone good luck!!! For those who get an interview, work your butt of to prepare!! For those who don't get to interview, continue to work your butt off to show the Canadian med school you are tough! For everyone, don't let  responses from medical schools define you sense of self-worth! I know it is difficult not to attach your worth to your dream career, especially when you feel like you work harder than 99% of the people that get in. Just know you matter and a big part of he process is luck. 
    Good luck everyone  
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    premed0821 got a reaction from stellaella123 in uOttawa Interview Invite/Rejection 2021   
    Invite/Rejection: Invite
    Time Stamp: 2:41 pm EST
    Location: IP
    Stream: English
    cGPA: 4.0
    Current year: 3rd year undergrad
    ECs: long-term/diverse volunteering, some research
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    premed0821 reacted to newmy88 in Western interview invites/regrets 2021   
    Hoping for some good news for all of us soon! Hang in there folks! 
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    premed0821 reacted to WheatFieldWanderer in Interview Invites 2020/2021   
    I promised myself I would post no matter what. Hopefully this will help other rural OOP applicants in future years. 
    Timestamp: 0926
    Interview: No
    OMSAS GPA: 3.72
    Context: Born and raised rural OOP (Alberta), not northern. Population less 200. 120km from large centre (~1 million population). Community qualifies for significant rural physicians stipend in AB and is considered rural by StatsCanada. High school (clasified in AB by size) 1A (smallest). Moved to large AB urban centre for post secondary. Returned rural for work x 2 years , then back to large urban city (husband completing his schooling here).
    EC: BScN Honors. Multiple research awards, multiple presentations (local, national, and international, and 2 peer-reviewed publications. Research emphasis rural and indigenous. Work as RN x 5 years (charge nurse at rural hospital, urban ER, urban community care case manager. Family caregiver (now bereaved). Extra-curricular: (signficiant leadership with church group x5years), leadership with running (coach and non-profit x5 years), leadership with nursing (multiple committees and union local over past 5 years, piano (15+ years), curling (10+ years), cancer support group (volunteer 1 year), animal shelter volunteer (in various communities x 4 years)
    Interview details: NA
    Times Applied: 0
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    premed0821 reacted to SmallTownGal in Interview Invites 2020/2021   
    I would say that it will be tomorrow or Wednesday. They told me "early in the week" via email, but I also know they are allowing graduate students to provide proof of degree completion until Tuesday at 4:30. That said, I would guess they will wait until this information is submitted before they send out interview information. I would also guess that the person who posted stats may have been trolling to stress others out. 
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    premed0821 reacted to northerngal2 in Interview Invites 2020/2021   
    I don't think that is correct information about the NOSM invites. They would not send out early interviews, they send them out on the same day.
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    premed0821 got a reaction from smolandfeisty in Interview Invites 2020/2021   
    Hey everyone! I didn't see a thread yet so I thought I would make one for discussion/ stats...
    Interview: Yes or No
    GPA: OMSAS 4.0 scale
    Context: (What is your rural or Northern Ontario connection?)
    ECs: (Summation of your extracurricular activities)
    # of previous applications:
    Interview Location/Date/Time:
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    premed0821 reacted to aiitakesmd in UofT Interview Invites/Regrets 2020/2021   
    I'm in the webinar and they said first batch of interview invites will be released today. Stay positive everyone and good luck!!
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    premed0821 reacted to lifewatr in UofT Interview Invites/Regrets 2020/2021   
    These are the previous invitation dates for anyone interested.
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    premed0821 reacted to merrycarsmas in McMaster Interview Invites/Regrets 2021   
    Okay I'm going to assume Friday at 11:59:59 pm. Take a breather everyone, drink some water, get some rest, this has been a stressful week.
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    premed0821 reacted to smolandfeisty in McMaster Interview Invites/Regrets 2021   
    I had contacted them on an unrelated note with a question regarding my application a while back, and the admissions officer just got back to me saying that the query had been resolved, ending the response with "everyone will be notified of their results by the end of this week".
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    premed0821 reacted to smolandfeisty in McMaster Interview Invites/Regrets 2021   
    Hi all I know everyone is anxiously waiting (as am I)! 
    I have been told by Mac admissions that "everyone will be notified of their results by the end of this week". 
    So, while it's not definitive as to the date/time, it should be today or tomorrow. Good luck everyone! 
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    premed0821 reacted to LivySmall in UofT Interview Invites/Regrets 2020/2021   
    I think they sent them out Jan 14th last year? 
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