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  1. 11 minutes ago, StrawberryBanana said:

    Does anyone know the average OOP Waitlist score that end up getting in? Is there a lower threshold?

    No I don't think they share that kind of information. But I just posted a poll for OOP waitlisters to share their score anonymously, so that we can all get a sense.

    I looked at posts from last year, and in that poll there were 6 people with scores above 81 on the waitlist, and it looks like they all ended up getting offers in May. Don't know more than that.

  2. 43 minutes ago, plansformed2015 said:

    With such a great MCAT score and really decent GPA, I guess this does demonstrate the importance of research for UofT, but still surprised about the R for you and I am sure you will get in somewhere else (especially with your life / leadership experiences)!  

    Thanks! The thing about UofT is that the MCAT is just a cutoff, so the high score doesn't matter at all. My ECs are strong but evidently not strong enough to counterbalance what amounts to a mediocre GPA (for UofT) and a lack of research. Oh well!

  3. TIME STAMP: 10:54 AM MST March 10

    Result: Regrets

    GPA:  3.88 wGPA

    MCAT: 131/131/131/132

    ECs: I'm in my 30s and have had a different career for the past decade, including several years in a leadership role. Plenty of unique volunteering and community involvement too. No real research other than a summer of NSERC in 1st year (a really long time ago). My ECs are strong (invites from 7 schools this cycle including EC-heavy ones).

    Essays: They felt solid for sure, lots of work, lots of review.

    Year: graduated BSc over 10 years ago.

    This was definitely the school where I expected an R based on my impression of the importance of GPA and research.

  4. I interviewed at both Mac and UofC this past weekend, and I have the UofS interview this coming weekend. I experienced the Mac issues (Kira), though my UofC interview was glitch-free (not Kira). I am hopeful that UofS will be a little smoother for a couple of reasons. First, there are 6 interview times, for likely 300 interviewees, so about 50 at a time. At Mac, I think there were closer to 200 interviewees at a time. Perhaps the lower volume will mean fewer issues. Second, I think (perhaps naively) that Kira will have a few lessons learned from this past weekend and implement some improvements for the next interviews. Time will tell.

    My advice would be to be mentally prepared for glitches - perhaps only having 1 minute to read a prompt instead of 2, or perhaps losing several minutes of response time. The only thing we have control over is how we stay calm and make the best of it - a good skill for a future doctor when you think about it. At least we know to expect this, so it won't be as much of a shock in the moment. 

  5. I'm interviewing this Sunday. I have uploaded my photo ID on UCAN. The main interview page still just says "congratulations on being offered an interview" and 2 lines of text below that (I've checked the acknowledgment box). There is no box labeled "instructions" like what's shown in the screenshot in the interview prep guide. Is this the same for everyone else who is interviewing Sunday? How about those interviewing Saturday - has this appeared for you yet? I'm assuming it appears sometime shortly before the interview is scheduled to begin, but wanted to check that assumption in case it's just a glitch for me. Thanks!

  6. 17 minutes ago, abcd1288 said:

    I emailed admissions and they said they don't have a specific date in mind yet (maybe because they haven't finalized the rank list or application review) but they said they will aim to get it by the end of March (I'm assuming that's the latest)

    Thanks for doing that! Do you mind clarifying what you mean about the rank list/review progress? Did they actually say that part, or is that just your speculation?

  7. 8 minutes ago, nyeaaaaa said:

    Did anyone else not receive an invite or a rejection? My launchpad status still says that it is under review, odd. Anyways, congrats to everyone that got an invite!

    I got an invite but my Launchpad still says "under review" - I don't think they have updated status there. The invite came to my ualberta.ca email, not through Launchpad.

  8. 4 hours ago, Ubcmedapplicant101 said:

    First time applicant here , out of province, are all the invites and rejects out yet? I haven't received anything from Queens and we get this through email right ? 

    Hi, I am under the impression that they sent out all invites and regrets on Tuesday. I think you should email the admissions office (after you check the junk/spam/promotions folders in your inbox)

  9. Hey, fellow older non-trad here (35). I got an interview this cycle - hopefully you find that somewhat encouraging. In the end, as the poster above pointed out, this school is all about stats and interview performance, so there is little explicit reason why an older applicant would be disadvantaged. (There could be implicit reasons...for example, some older applicants may not have decided on the med school route until years after completing undergrad, and did not focus as much on obtaining a high GPA).

  10. 2 hours ago, spense said:

    Does anyone know if Dalhousie will contact you if a verifier cannot be contacted? I remember there were a few instances of that occurring previously and wanted to see if there was a known stance on that policy.

    I emailed them to ask this question in December and they said that yes, if your verifier fails to respond, Dalhousie will reach out to you.

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