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  1. 8 minutes ago, nyeaaaaa said:

    Did anyone else not receive an invite or a rejection? My launchpad status still says that it is under review, odd. Anyways, congrats to everyone that got an invite!

    I got an invite but my Launchpad still says "under review" - I don't think they have updated status there. The invite came to my ualberta.ca email, not through Launchpad.

  2. 4 hours ago, Ubcmedapplicant101 said:

    First time applicant here , out of province, are all the invites and rejects out yet? I haven't received anything from Queens and we get this through email right ? 

    Hi, I am under the impression that they sent out all invites and regrets on Tuesday. I think you should email the admissions office (after you check the junk/spam/promotions folders in your inbox)

  3. Hey, fellow older non-trad here (35). I got an interview this cycle - hopefully you find that somewhat encouraging. In the end, as the poster above pointed out, this school is all about stats and interview performance, so there is little explicit reason why an older applicant would be disadvantaged. (There could be implicit reasons...for example, some older applicants may not have decided on the med school route until years after completing undergrad, and did not focus as much on obtaining a high GPA).

  4. 2 hours ago, spense said:

    Does anyone know if Dalhousie will contact you if a verifier cannot be contacted? I remember there were a few instances of that occurring previously and wanted to see if there was a known stance on that policy.

    I emailed them to ask this question in December and they said that yes, if your verifier fails to respond, Dalhousie will reach out to you.

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