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  1. non-tradition application (I just finished my masters program and graduated undergrad in 2018)! Yeah, currently studying to retake the MCAT but given the short amount of time to study and how long I've been removed from the content, I'm not very confident...
  2. Sure! GPA: 84.5, MCAT: 509 (125 CARS), NAQ 75-100 % and Interview above average! My pre-interview score was around the OOP cut-off (I'm an IP)
  3. For those still on the WL, could I please ask your stats? I.e., MCAT + AGPA?
  4. Got the R after being on the waitlist. To be honest, kinda numb to this now (& already started my next cycle). Good luck to everyone who is still on the waitlist–rooting for you!
  5. Nothing here as well! Been quiet for everyone I know who is on the WL too...
  6. On the IP (non-rural) waitlist too. Time stamp was 30 and my last name starts with K!
  7. Do you think there will be any more WL movement?
  8. @koalaking67: I'm so stoked for you!!!! Huge congratulations : ) <3
  9. No confirmation on my end! Just the usual auto-reply... were we supposed to receive a confirmation?
  10. Here for the party as well (IP) ! Hope some of us will get in
  11. @jmn753: That would be great if you could! Was just thinking about what would be the best way to coordinate this.
  12. If anyone is interested in practicing for the interview in a group call or if someone needed a MMI partner, I would be happy to coordinate something. This is my first time interviewing and am a bit nervous, but I think it would be great to meet fellow interviewees and talk about the process (help each other out during this time).
  13. Invite! OOP3.9 GPA509 MCATStrong connection to the maritimes
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