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  1. Title says it all. anyone had theirs contacted yet?? We're getting close!
  2. Are you on a waitlist to interview, or a waitlist for admissions??
  3. Does anyone have an idea of how many people get invited to the panel? Good luck everyone!
  4. Description pretty simple. What did everyone think of the interview this morning?
  5. TIME STAMP: 4:50 MST Result: invite wGPA: 3.80 MCAT: 129 CARS ECs: Guess they were good enough to overcome my GPA!! Lots of stuff packed into my essays. Year: Graduated for 3 years! Geography: OOP
  6. Just out of curiosity what did the email say to people in their rejection? Mine was worded strangely...
  7. When I emailed last month they said “after Feb 8”. Hopefully it’s really today
  8. In preparation for interview invites that should be out fairly soon. time Stamp: Result: GPA: MCAT: Current/Past Degree: Geography (IP/OOP): Extracurricular Activities score /16 (awards, achievements, volunteering, employment, research, etc.): CASPer:
  9. Anyone know what time they sent invites last year? I looked through the old thread and didn't see any time stamps!
  10. A loooong time ago (10 years?), someone leaked the UBC scoring system post-interview. This has definitely been changed since then. Does anyone know the breakdown and the weighting placed on interview, GPA, NAQ, MCAT and references? Is NAQ even part of the calculation at this stage?
  11. I remember last year the interview slots were really slow to update. So I don’t think anymore invites are coming
  12. Hmm. Ok good to know. But, unless there’s tons of good stats who got interviews last year who haven’t heard back yet, I’m just going to stay a pessimist lolol
  13. My money is on the latter. They probably did tons of extra slots since it’s online and there’s some asynchronous part
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