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  1. I remember last year the interview slots were really slow to update. So I don’t think anymore invites are coming
  2. Hmm. Ok good to know. But, unless there’s tons of good stats who got interviews last year who haven’t heard back yet, I’m just going to stay a pessimist lolol
  3. My money is on the latter. They probably did tons of extra slots since it’s online and there’s some asynchronous part
  4. I feel like if you haven’t gotten an invite yet, then it’s an R. Because they have to send out the invites at the same time dont they? To give everyone an equal shot at booking their spot?
  5. I applied early and didn't hear anything yet (OOP). I think that means that we're not getting an invite if we don't hear today. What a wild system.
  6. anyone who follows these threads has to know youre trustworthy. any idea what your friends stats were?
  7. Speaking of this, does anyone know where to find the scores for your application? Does Dal provide those?
  8. Yeah this has gotta be trolling. No one else has posted anything. Pretty disappointing to see this stuff.
  9. Anyone hear how many applications there have been this year? Anyone in the program? I really don’t wanna wait till the the blog posts stats lol
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