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  1. I cannot find or see where it would be posted. Is it on our BearTracks account instead?
  2. Had some contacted last week + today, anyone know anything about whether UofA has any strategy for how they contact verifers? Does more = better chance?
  3. ^I wrote at the end of August and it still doesn't say received...
  4. The past 2 years i noticed OMSAS puts their gpa calc in your app, but i don't see it this year? Which tab is it usually under?
  5. Is transcript verification a thing? i never had that on my app?
  6. Super dumb clerical question and just want to make sure - the asterisk on mcat verification notes which CARS score they use right? I wrote the mcat twice and there's an asterisk beside my lower score (even though i wrote the second mcat in July). Should i email admissions?
  7. Just received rejection (OOP) 2 Yr GPA: 3.93 MCAT: 507 Damn. Guess my maritimes essay wasn’t good enough. I worked in Halifax for few months after graduating a couple years ago.
  8. Interesting. This all makes too much sense :(. You think invites still come out this week then? Website hasn’t changed that yet
  9. Does anyone think it could really be tomorrow? Wishful thinking? Pulling my hair out at this point lol
  10. yes they do. I called them last spring and they said all OOP now get a full file review. It changed 2 years ago.
  11. This is totally reasonable. I guess I was really placing trust in admissions when they told applicants this year that OOP get full file reviews now regardless of gpa and mcat.
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