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  1. Thank you for your response! Yeah thats been the consensus.. I guess I am just a bit apprehensive about commuting, but I can also move out if needed in the new year or for MS2!
  2. I was recently accepted to the medical school in my home town. I am so thrilled to be able to stay in Ottawa where I grew up in, near family, support systems, and my boyfriend. I am currently living with my parents as I finish my MSc (have been for two years now - moved away for undergrad for four years) and I commuted for the first year of my masters from home (pre-pandemic, before everything went virtual). I am really on the fence about moving out for my first pre clerkship year, or holding off until I begin clerkship or perhaps MS2. For reference - my parents home
  3. I think it’s not listed because they are pretty flexible, unlike some other schools (i.e., western & UofT)- I’ve heard of some completing undergrad courses while enrolled in med too at Ottawa, so as long as you are preparing to defend before end of august you should be fine
  4. I was just accepted to Ottawa this cycle and I am also in the process of finishing a 24-month MSc. It varies by graduate program, but the main thing is that you cannot be enrolled as both a graduate student and med student simultaneously. So you need to meet the requirements for your program where you are no longer enrolled in that program. For me, once I submitted my thesis for evaluation I was no longer enrolled in the term (or future terms). You can defend whenever and confer your actual degree later on into the fall if needed, as long as it is submitted prior to the end of August to ensure
  5. I got an offer. I am in tears. Thank you to everyone's support throughout this lengthy and difficult wait. Looking forward to having you as my classmates in the fall.
  6. Also if you are still on the WL spreadsheet but have since received or accepted offers elsewhere - please update everyone <3
  7. I agree that waiting until offers expire would be a break in pattern for them..there is still three days left this week I think there is a good chance at least a few offers will go out before the long weekend
  8. That is an excellent question - would love to know! Also is anyone else having difficulty explaining this situation to friends/family ?? or is it just me...
  9. Yeah I assumed some underrepresentation but there is not data for the 2019/2020 cycle unfortunately in the AFMC document... I am also thinking that it is possible more people will have received multiple offers this year because interviews were virtual and more economically accessible for people to attend multiple...so maybe there will be more WL movement than previously (just speculating here)
  10. Based on the data from last year (from what we know) it looks like only 35-40 people got in off the Good WL for english stream... do we think that was an anomaly or a new pattern? They didn't release how many total declined offers either so its tough to say.
  11. Looks like it - and definitely not only based on GPA. Last year's spreadsheet indicated that over 30 people on the WL ultimately received offers
  12. Time Stamp: 9:07 am Result: WL (good?) cGPA: 3.95 Stream: English Casper: I prepared a lot and was able to answer every prompt. I am a fast typer. Also did snapshot. Year: Finishing MSc Interview Thoughts: There were definitely some highs and lows but overall I was pleased with my performance. It was not easy but I tried to work my previous experiences into every response and remain calm and collected. I definitely had a very cold panel. This is my first cycle and only interview so really praying for WL movement. Congrats to everyone who has received offers
  13. Okay but the real question is - has anyone received bad waitlist offers yet? In order to reliably be able to compare?
  14. Thats what I thought. I have no wording pertaining to 'based on your position you are unlikely to receive...', my time was 9:07
  15. Invite!!!!! (crying and shaking with shock) Time Stamp: January 28, 2021 (2:50 PM) Location: IP (Ottawa - bilingual) Stream: English cGPA: 3.95 ish Current year: 2nd year MSc ECs: NSHRF, CIHR, OGS and other research scholarships, 1 pub, 8+ posters and oral conference presentations, volunteered for years in a health clinic as a PTA, lots of clinical research experience with disabled populations, long-term jobs in hospitality (golf course, serving, hotels), service trip abroad about the Holocaust, tutoring children with special needs etc. pretty diverse. Casper: Felt good but hard to gaug
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