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  1. They don't! Personal statement and extracurriculars are evaluated post-interview just like the IP students - if they were to evaluate it pre-interview it would be a bit unfair to those IP since those aren't factors in determining whether they get an interview or not.
  2. That's my understanding! When you get rejected post-interview you get an "academic score" which is a combined score composed of your MCAT and GPA. So I think the only factor is really the connection essay pre-interview. Really unfortunate to be judged on such a small piece of writing, I feel you
  3. Just to provide some insight - I got an OOP interview last year, and from my understanding, if you met the GPA and MCAT cut-off for your pool and the CASPER cut-off, the only differentiating factor in whether you were offered an interview as an OOP student was your connection essay. I know that Dal doesn't look at your extracurriculars or other personal statement until after the interview.
  4. Sorry if this has already been asked - but does anyone know if the essay questions are factored into the pre-interview evaluation? Or is this something typically evaluated post-interview?
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