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  1. So If i get a good CASper score it'll help me stand out?
  2. yes, I'm aware of that and I will be finishing within 5 years
  3. Yes, definitely but I believe I have figured out what was wrong with my study habits and so far I have been getting 90's so I'm really hopeful. As for the MCAT i am studying for it for 6 months and if I cannot get it right the first time I will be writing again. It's all a matter of how much time and energy I'm willing to put in. and I do have a plan B, i wanna go into grad school but at the end of the day medicine is my passion and its unfortunate that certain life circumstances (in my first + second) year will be holding me back. at the end of the day all I'm saying is that I do not wan
  4. I'm hoping to apply with a 520+ mcat and a bomb CASper score. I'm willing to put in the effort it takes and I do qualify for the DSAAP. I'm wondering would that be good enough to at-least land me an interview? and yes for me giving up is not an option cause I cannot see myself choosing any other career path. literally nothing interests me. thanks for the response btw!
  5. I'm currently in my 4th year (going to do a 5th to bring up my gpa). my UAA as of right now is around 71% and I'm wondering if i get straight 90+ in all my classes this year and next year should I still bother applying? I'm IP and still have to write my MCAT. Another thing, I also have alot of "W" in my first year, so does that matter? Keeping in mind usask will only look at my most recent 120 CU, I do think I have a chance but I'm still unsure and keep feeling like maybe I should just give up because of the "W" and because some of my bad grades (in first and 2nd year)
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