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  1. Hi, I am just wondering is there anyone here who has applied for med schools in canada in the middle of pharmD degree? How does the process work exactly in terms of GPA calculation especially.
  2. So If i get a good CASper score it'll help me stand out?
  3. yes, I'm aware of that and I will be finishing within 5 years
  4. Yes, definitely but I believe I have figured out what was wrong with my study habits and so far I have been getting 90's so I'm really hopeful. As for the MCAT i am studying for it for 6 months and if I cannot get it right the first time I will be writing again. It's all a matter of how much time and energy I'm willing to put in. and I do have a plan B, i wanna go into grad school but at the end of the day medicine is my passion and its unfortunate that certain life circumstances (in my first + second) year will be holding me back. at the end of the day all I'm saying is that I do not wan
  5. I'm hoping to apply with a 520+ mcat and a bomb CASper score. I'm willing to put in the effort it takes and I do qualify for the DSAAP. I'm wondering would that be good enough to at-least land me an interview? and yes for me giving up is not an option cause I cannot see myself choosing any other career path. literally nothing interests me. thanks for the response btw!
  6. I'm currently in my 3rd year my UAA as of right now is around 71% and I'm wondering if i get straight 90+ in all my classes this year and next year should I still bother applying? I'm IP Another thing, I also have alot of "W" in my first year, so does that matter?
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