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  1. Rs are out Time Stamp: 12:02 cGPA/wGPA: 4.00 Year: 4th MCAT: 516 ECs: filled 28-29 spots CASPer: good enough for Ottawa
  2. Invite!!!! Time Stamp: 2:58pm EST Location: IP Stream: English cGPA: 4.0 Current year: 4th year ECs: Decent ECs, club exec for a couple of clubs, a lot of tutoring/mentorship, worked at overnight camp, dance instructor, dancer, a couple of research assistant positions etc. Casper and Snapshot: Scored in the top quartile for the USA Casper, but Canadian score was not good enough for Memorial or Dal and wrote it while I was sick with mono...I'm thinking my GPA made up for it. Did complete Snapshot Absolutely shocked and excited...this is my dream school!
  3. I haven't heard yet either...do you think this is good news or is there another wave of Rs coming out?
  4. Do you mind me asking how a conditional offer was taken back? I didnt know that could happen?
  5. Do we know if all the Rs have gone out? or is it usually in more than 1 wave?
  6. I think the only rejection on the thread was from yesterday and the person had a regret with partial file review
  7. Seems like we may be at the next point in the alphabet, seeing as the previous invites were A-C range. Could just be my optimism (last name S)
  8. This may be a dumb question, but I don't think I have a percentage GPA? My school only gives out letter grades and now I'm wondering if this has affected my application seeing as everyone on here has a percent grade? Does anyone know about this?
  9. I'm speculating that this may be the case I didn't see them today either
  10. remember they also look at CASPer and essays! I personally felt decent about both but they're more subjective so I may not have done well in that area! Good luck to those still waiting!
  11. Sure! MCAT: 516 GPA: 4.0 I know I had really strong reference letters, one from MUN alum.
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