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  1. Just wanted to quickly acknowledge everyone who contributed to the excel sheet, especially those who were in charge of editing it! Y’all did great keeping things up to date for us!
  2. I'm guessing we can call it for today, see you all here tomorrow!
  3. can we feel fairly certain there hasn’t been any movement besides that initial wave a couple days ago, based on the number of people on the forum?
  4. seems like pretty much every other school’s waitlist has moved
  5. Can someone advise please if offers off the waitlist are via email or phone? I need to know if I can stop refreshing my email every 2 minutes
  6. I hope so, otherwise we have to wait until after the long weekend!
  7. mine doesnt align at all, im much higher on our waitlist Edit: I have base 64 but I'm about 15 on the waitlist
  8. massive congrats to those who got offers!! were they through email or a phone call?
  9. i’m worried about the same, and i’m worried they’re going to suddenly change things up and the time stamps won’t matter
  10. unfortunate that we can't leave the spreadsheet open for people to edit. if someone wants to take over manning the sheet (it is now a view-only link), please DM me.
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