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  1. NAUGHTY Never ask Ursula's godchild "Have they yawned?"
  2. INTELLIGENCE I never told Eleanor Liam lacks Intelligence! Guess Eleanor's nature can explain
  3. YARDS Yelling aggressively, Richard demanded Sushi
  4. ADVISE At dawn, Valerie imitates seagulls everyday
  5. What they told us is as follows: Choose all that apply/ Choose upto x: Usually there are one or two options that they really want to see. As long as those options are part of your answer, you get full marks regardless of what else you chose. Occasionally you have a "hazardous" option which will be absolutely wrong. If you chose that as one of your options, you will get a 0 regardless of whether you had the other right options included. Of course, if you choose more than what they specify in the question stem, its a 0. Sometimes, they have a hidden limit on the number of choices you can se
  6. EVERYWHERE Even Vance envied Rose yesterday when he encouraged Rose's endeavours
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