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  1. I feel you! and with the shadowing/clinical experiences being suspended for the term so far its even harder to explore and figure out what I do like
  2. REAPPEARED Rest easy Ashley, Piere pondered enough about roasting Ellen Degeneres.
  3. SENSITIVITY Sometimes everyone needs sensitivity. It tells individuals verbalizing information to yield.
  4. DESIRABLE Destiny ever surmountable in rationale, always beats Life's expectations
  5. Hey! I actually had a post regarding this a few weeks ago because I was also feeling really down in the dumps due to the same reason. After the insight I gained from the responses I spent a lot more time with my family and reached out to my non-med friends. I also started a gratitude journal that has been helping me greatly. Our upper years were kind enough to organize some online gaming nights for us which was a great place to get some of that social connection. I know it is getting close to exam time so most people might not want to spend time playing video games but I am sure there wi
  6. Thank you all for your responses... It eases my mind a bit to know I am not going through this alone. I will keep all these pointers in mind moving forward and I hope anyone going through similar struggles is able to find resolution as well <3
  7. I just started medical school this year. Going in I was told that medical school is the place where you will meet a lot of new friends with similar interests and make memories that last for a lifetime. Even as I observed the upper year medical students over the last few years, they all seemed to get along well with each other and I always admired how they went on trips together, did activities together and were friends with each other outside of medical school. But more than half a semester into med school I don't feel the same way. I feel socially outcasted on a constant basis. Like I can tal
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