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  1. That's really smart and honestly probably what I'll do... was it hard applying to 3 different specialties though? I feel like my CV is so specific to my one specialty that I dont know how to make it worthy of applying to something else. glad it worked out for you, and glad to hear it didnt for the gunners!!! lol sorry gunners but u are the bane of my existance
  2. Hahaha not sure which city you're even talking about, because under construction and covid filled = montreal and over priced avocado = toronto I know I sound like I'm a city snob but I really need to be in a major city, I've been to Ottawa and Calgary too and seriously could not see myself there.
  3. funnily enough im so scared of the red flag thing. my school always threatens us with them like if youre late to this session youll get a professionalism flag, if you hand this assignment late youll get a flag. not sure if it ever happens but definitely still scares me. otherwise that all sounds great... altho the interviews online certainly arent gonna do us any favors!!! thanks so much for the insight
  4. thats literally it. seeing that all the smart gunner impressive life changers are also cool and normal, no fair!! but yeah youre right!! although i guess im extra afraid of the "odds" bc im really not willing to sacrifice location for a match. i live in toronto now and dont think i could do 5 years in a city other than here, montreal, or maybe van. So i hope my pickiness doesnt screw me over
  5. Ugh yes covid did screw my plans. I actually had a really fun initiative that i started at the beginning of the year, that would have both looked good on CV AND been such a blast for me, but it is absolutely impossible now. So now I feel like I have to be making a difference in the pandemic but like how?!? I live with my 65+ stepdad with resp problems and cant be volunteering with covid patients or whatever theyre all doing lol. Counsellor is a good idea, thank you!
  6. Hi everyone, I know this has been discussed often, and I keep reading through old posts but can't help this crazy anxiety I have about extra curriculars. The specialty I want is non-surgical and I'd say moderately competitive (peds/rads/anesthesia category). I'm a pretty social person and get along with everyone and think I'll do well in my clerkship/electives, I am submitting a first author paper in my specialty of interest soon, and I am involved in some ECs and have a few small leadership roles. However, I can't shake the feeling that I'm not doing enough!!! There are people in my clas
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