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  1. Thank you for your comment! I appreciate all the support!
  2. Thank you so much for your encouraging words. I am considering, whatever I do I Atleast give the MCAT this summer and apply the next year just for the sake of applying. I appreciate you taking the time to comment. Thank you so much man. I honestly came on here expecting to catch a lot of flack and the standard “give up” somehow I’ve gotten realistic advice and encouraging words. I appreciate every single one of you guys!
  3. Thank you for your reply. My short thinking made me realize I didn’t look into Queens/Western enough. I’m currently taking 4 and 4 this semester and next so that essentially renders my fourth year useless based on both Universities requirements. I’m stuck doing either a 6th year or two years within my second undergrad either way then! Even though I am at a severe disadvantage due to my GPA I’m intending on writing my MCAT this summer. Are you possibly aware if I swap out (ideally to a more employable undergrad) would I be able to take my 4 years from my previous degree plus the first
  4. Thanks for your reply. Im happy to say my father is doing significantly better than he was previously and his health is currently not a huge concern (as long as he avoids being in large gatherings due to COVID) I wonder however, how the second undergrad works? Technically I can graduate next semester within the 4 years of my degree if I try for another undergrad how does the university look at the marking for that? For example if I go for the second undergrad my goal is to try and finish it within two years I understand I don’t need a finished degree to apply to uofc so that’s a plus
  5. Hey Everyone, I’m currently in 4th year. I was banking on the fact that UofC would take my best 3 years if I did 5 years unfortunately that is not the case. If I do a 5th year my GPA after dropping my lowest year ends up being ~3.37. I’m in a really tough spot right now and completely lost on what to do from here, I checked the stats and some students did get into uofc Med with subpar GPA’s. I really struggled my first couple years in uni due to my dads health conditions. I was wondering what you all would suggest, is it worth graduating next semester with approximately a 2.88 GPA (
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