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  1. Do you still think USDO is a better option than Ireland in terms of going abroad for medicine?
  2. I was just wondering if it’s a thing in CaRMS where either faculty or current residents will rank a candidate higher not by merit or interview performance, but just because they know the candidate well and is good friends with them?
  3. Hi everyone, I'm a Canadian currently in Ireland finishing up intern year this coming July. I had a very rough final year (2018-2019) in which I failed to match back to Canada which led to me failing final year surgery and having to re-sit that exam. Thankfully I was productive with my year off doing electives and research (2019-2020) which led to a publication. Applied to CaRMS again for 2020 and although I got an interview I still didn't match. Started internship this year (2020-2021) and applied for the GP/family medicine training scheme. I interviewed well and just found out I
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