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  1. The 4.0 to 4.5 GPA conversion sucks. I went to a US uni for my undergrad too and the conversion bites you in the butt every time.
  2. You can probably guess what my AGPA and MCAT quintiles were (4th) based on other IP applicants but my CASPer was just embarrassing so I'll keep that to myself :-)
  3. I agree with this assessment. Your AGPA is good and I think with the mcat being 50% of your score improving that will help a great deal.
  4. Those are incredible stats. You'll get in somewhere!
  5. Very true. The individual didn't mention what stream they applied under only that they had rural coefficients factored in. As far as what I've observed from application statistics from previous cycles, some people got in through the regular stream with as low an MCAT score as 503 but they likely had fantastic AGPAs, CASPer and MMI scores etc.
  6. Thank you for your response. It turns out you were absolutely right about my stats as I didn't get an invitation to interview. I did, however, notice that others with similar GPA and only slightly higher MCAT scores (511, 512) were invited so this is the part of my application that I need to remedy.
  7. I've been trolling this site for a few years (only became eligible to apply last cycle) and someone was invited to interview with a 3.6 and 506 last year or the year before that so it may very well be a more competitive year this time around.
  8. Thank you for the insight! I'm working on this as we speak and I'm really encouraged by the IP invitations I've seen going to to others with a similar AGPA and only slightly higher (I believe one was only 3 points higher) MCAT scores. I'm aiming for 515 or higher to be more competitive next time around Lots of work to do for sure before I can get to see what it feels like to be invited to interview :-)
  9. IP/OOP: IP Decision: Regrets MCAT: 508 aGPA: 3.84 Coefficients: Socioeconomic and rural 2nd rejection in 2 years but 2021/2022 cycle here I come! Winners never quit and quitters never win :-)
  10. To be honest, my perspective may have some invalidities because I'm a nontrad who studied in the US and only moved to Canada a couple of years ago and so I'm not part of a local group of premed classmates or people who went to school/study together so I might not have enough of an "in" to be able to say. In a way I'm glad those of you who have entire groups of friends using this platform say it's representative of the applicant pool and may even be skewed toward those who have high stats, because otherwise people like me would be flying blind as far as knowing what it takes to be competitive,
  11. Hi there. I used to suffer from debilitating panic and generalized anxiety that very inconveniently began in my senior year of undergrad. It's the single toughest thing I've ever had to endure and I am actually thankful it happened to me! I gained so much strength and insight from the experience and I see myself as being part of a small community of survivors who have made it through being betrayed by their mind and body and have had to fight just to get through every day. Through it all I fought every minute of every day to keep going to work and then onto graduate school in a challenging hea
  12. I'm applying to the University of Manitoba and I think based on the very low number of posts related to my province's school and I think the lower number of posts compared to say Student Dcotor Network, I don't think most premeds are using this forum in particular compared to others. I don't think high numbers of premed applicants are posting on forums regarding their applications so the posts you see likely represent a very small proportion of the applicant pool. I also tend to see people asking questions related to low stats and chances of getting in so you likely have a low number relative
  13. Thanks for your insight. It confirms what I was thinking all ahead. About 2 years ago my husband wanted to move to Ontario and I said I wouldn't give up my MB residency until I got my PR and applied a few times as it's by far my best chance so thanks for corroborating that for me.
  14. Thank you for your response. Does the weighting formula use the OMSAS GPA or the GPA calculated by the school? I'm guessing OMSAS or else what would be the point of calculating it if the school didn't use it but I just want to get clarification.
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