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  1. I’m actually not sure this is totally true! There are a number of studies showing bio section of MCAT has correlation with marks in med school, but CARS indicates actual quality of care in residency and onwards. Specifically, for clinical skills and the potential people have to improve over time. CARS is the section being emphasized more and more, and honestly I think it’s the right move
  2. This really resonates with me. It’s great (and crappy) to see so many people in the same boat who understand this challenge. I think we all know as mature adults that we need to “stop caring what people think” and not worry about whether people judge us for not getting in, but that is incredibly hard when it feels like schools are continually saying that your grades will forever trump your potential and actual depth of knowledge of healthcare
  3. Yup. 100% agree with this. It’s so weird because UBC is so progressive as a whole. I don’t understand why it hasn’t translated to med. my nightmare: they change it in 2 years when I’m long gone
  4. Thank you, that’s a very kind and I appreciate you taking the time to write that. It’s incredibly hard not to take it personally when everyone I went to school with seems to make their way in, and it makes it look like I just “wasn’t good enough” to make it in their eyes. Hard to let that go. It’s a good question, but my references are definitely good! People I worked with anywhere from 3-8 years for each! I completely agree with you here. There’s no way UBC would have done a massive overhaul of admissions, just look at the stats from year to year! The GPA just simp
  5. Making this post because I’m losing hope... I’m 29 and have applied to UBC with 3 interviews in 3 years, with a 79.7% average with a 513 MCAT (130 CARS). Each time, I’ve gotten an above average interview score but despite that and my awesome experience, I cannot get over the hump. it pains me because I practiced with so many people who have great GPAs but don’t seem to actually understand social issues. Instead they can memorize whatever and get by on that because their marks are so great. And yet, I’m on the outside looking in despite the interview constantly going so well...
  6. So I just posted that my MCAT was verified 2 minutes ago.... and I just got my rejection now... I guess it's starting people. Time Stamp: 1:43 Atlantic Time GPA: 3.91 (does Dal go to 1 or 2 decimals?) MCAT: 509 OOP Good luck everyone!
  7. MCAT just got verified today! Maybe they're working through it slowly.
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