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  1. Result: Regrets :( GPA: 3.997 CV: Diverse, lots of research, volunteer, clubs Year: undergrade complete Feelings about Casper: felt good! For anyone who has applied before, what information do they provide us with in the "ranking information" form? Do they tell us how our stats compared to others? How well we did on Casper?
  2. Thought I'd get this one started for tomorrow TIME STAMP: XX:XX Result: Invite / Waitlist / Regrets GPA: CV: Year: UG, professional UG, Masters, PhD Feelings about Casper: Applicant category: QC university / QC Med-P / OOP / RSPP / International / MDCM-PhD
  3. Was wondering the same thing, given that the DAT is now dropped. Are you applying as OOP?
  4. Hi all, just wondering if anyone who has previous applied and gotten into McGill Dentistry as an out of province, is willing to share their stats! Also, is anyone else here applying for this fall??
  5. Forum for anyone applying to McGill Dentistry 2021 :)
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