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  1. All of the grade repair suggestions make sense, I just don't know that I'm willing to enrol in another year of undergrad. I am also okay with relocating to Australia if I cannot match back (and taking advantage of the better pay + lifestyle that those physicians enjoy). So, I am not absolutely tied to coming back. It would be ideal for personal reasons (family, friends), but is not something I'm set on nor expecting. I will also apply to both Canadian and US schools again, and were I to be accepted while in my first semester in Australia, I'd happily restart med in the Fall back in N
  2. TD bank in Canada offers 325k LOC for foreign medical schools i.e. ireland/australia OSAP offers 50k loan for Ontarians going to med in Australia also. This is what would fund my studies abroad, along with some part time work while studying. My point is that no, I do not have money on hand right now to apply very broadly, even if it is necessary. However, if I were accepted to Australia med, the loan and LOC I mentioned above would become available and would be used. That's all I was saying.
  3. Most schools no longer require a DO letter, plus, I believe BC still considers DO's as equivalent to CMG's, but I could be wrong. Still the benefit of DO is a near guarantee you get at least a US residency. Then you can come back to Canada (after jumping through hoops) as a fully trained physician.
  4. Pretty crazy that with those stats you've not received any interviews. The situation in Canada is ridiculously competitive. I would definitely recommend you check out MSUCOM and other DO schools. A USDO degree is a much more certain path than going international. Feel free to message me if you'd like to chat.
  5. Im also open to matching to the US or staying in Aus btw, which is maybe something I've not gotten across here.
  6. I understand what you're saying regarding the money, but to me, getting a loan because I'm enrolled in med, is different from getting a loan just to apply to med. I said that I don't have the money to apply to 30 US schools + 10 Canadian next year. Maybe I wasn't clear but I applied to about 17-20 US schools this year + almost every Canadian school, honestly don't recall the exact number. My point was that this cycle ate up most of my savings, so I cannot afford to broaden my applications even further. Regarding courses, I am about 5 short for most programs. I applied and listed th
  7. I simply do not have the money on hand to apply to 30 US schools plus 10 Canadian and then international. I applied to the US schools that were deemed "Canadian-friendly". Many if not most of the US schools take a select few international students making it extremely competitive. I would happily go to school in the states, MD or DO, but many schools also required courses that would take me another year of undergrad to complete. Re: @bearded frog I applied to all of the michigan schools, UNECOM, GW, TULANE, western UCOMP, Jefferson, KCUMB to name a few. I can't remember the others o
  8. My current plan is to apply to Australia, and apply to Canada and US again, if I were to get into Aus and be 4 months into the program and then get accepted into Canada in May 2022 I would be okay with the loss of money of first year tuition and be happy to restart med in Canada in fall 2022. I would even consider deferring an Aus acceptance so as to have a potential 4th cycle of applying in Canada. I'm already 25, took a 5th year of undergrad to up my cGPA and am not considering a second undergrad.
  9. To add on to this, I applied to 5 USDO schools and about 12 USMD schools and didn't receive a single interview invite.
  10. I'm currently applying through OzTREKK after two unsuccessful cycles. I have a 511 MCAT and 3.6 cGPA, with last 3 years around a 3.98. I interviewed last year at Western but this year got zero invites. COVID has really increased the competitiveness of applications across the board. Unfortunately, my first two years really killed my cGPA and left me with little chance of getting into Canadian schools other than a select few. Basically I want to ultimately return to Canada or at least the US and am aware of the risks involved. I just wanted to hear from anyone that knows of the opportuniti
  11. Yep, just got my R. Only western and queens left. this is my second cycle and will be applying abroad next year if I must :(
  12. I also do not have my MCAT verified yet, maybe our profiles haven't been finalized yet for the invite or reject mail list?
  13. Yes it is likely that those who had 3a/b sections will receive interviews. A similar thing happened with McMaster last year for interview invites. Also strange that only a few Rs were sent out yesterday and none today.
  14. Nothing on my profile has been verified and I also never saw 3a/b sections, seems like I'll receive the R. sad
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