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  1. Good morning, Are there someone who got accepted in the Marché du travail pool in Usherbrooke ou ULaval with an undergrad in nursing ? If yes, can you tell me what your GPA was and what your extracurricular activities were ? Thank you a lot and have a nice day!
  2. Hello ! @Médicomage and @keipop thank you for your answers , it helped me a lot ! @keipop Just wanted to ask if the two girls who got accepted to Usherbrooke , were they in The Marché du Travail pool ? Thank you and have a great day !
  3. Hello everyone , I am a nursing student at Udem right now from the DEC-BAC program(having all the prerequisites for Med) . I would want to know is there's a nurse who was in the same situation as me and was accepted to Med school at UdeM, ULaval, Usherbrooke or McGill .Thank you and hope I'll get an answer. Have a great day !
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