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  1. It was an IB course (IB adventure). I was very surprised to see a 30 for having the class average as that seems quite low for a normal DEC science course and this class only has IB Science students.
  2. Have R Scores in strong programs for students with the new IFGZ calculation (secondary school marks) gone down significantly? I'm mainly talking about Marianopolis, Brebeuf DEC Santé and Brebeuf BI Santé. For the latter, the administration claims that the average R Score is in the 33 range (something that previous students have echoed) yet I personally got 1% above the average in a class and finished with 30.000. Many students in the program have similarly stated they they got R Scores that were at least 1-2 points below reasonable expectations. In DEC, the average R Score seems to have d
  3. Est-ce que t’as essayé d’estimer ta côte r? Si je me trompe pas, les IFGZ en dec santé tournent autour de 1.4 historiquement. Même à la moyenne t’as 32! C.est probablement pas aussi pire que ce que tu penses!
  4. Quel programme de Brébeuf? Si t'es dans un programme avec un IDGZ fort comme BI (ou ca tourne historiquement autour de 1.75) tu peux avoir un très bon score avec une cote Z de 1 (ou un peu moins)!
  5. CEGEP student here, I was always under the impression that the only things that mattered for the French schools are the r-score, interview and Casper. However, my teachers this year are all going on non stop about how important it is to pad one's CV (even for the French schools) I don't personally have a very impressive CV - I've done some volunteering and do regular tutoring + organized sports on my own time because I enjoy these activities but I don't have anything impressive like hospital volunteering or research or major charity work. I'm confident that I would be willing to show
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