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  1. It seems like people on this thread are able to sort most of their LOC/advisor meetings online? I was wondering if it matters whether you seek out an advisor where you reside in this case? If so, has anyone worked with a good advisor who specializes in medical LOCs in Nova Scotia for RBC or Scotiabank?
  2. Is there any way to confirm that your deposit was processed? I received a confirmation of payment when I first sent it in, but is there a way to tell if it was confirmed? I feel paranoid about it haha
  3. I’m still holding out hope for this week (or early next week at the latest)
  4. Same here. I feel like I’ve already been through the 5 stages of grief multiple times in this wait
  5. This just occurred to me, but what are the chances that ADCOM only having to mark 5 basic questions for each applicant (instead of 12 complex stations) would allow the review/ranking/results to come sooner? Or is this just wishful thinking...
  6. I'm with you there! The end of March would be brutal. I'm still holding out hope for next week, but maybe we'll be waiting longer
  7. Does anyone know roughly when we might hear back with results? I know last year was thrown off by COVID, but is there any pattern for when they normally come out? The wait is killing me and I don't want to be checking my email sooner than I have to!
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