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  1. Program: MD Result: Invite! Timestamp: 2:07PM EST OMSAS GPA: 3.95 I think CARS: 128 IP Casper: I think I blacked out during the test so no idea. Prepped for about 4 days and was my first time writing it. I am literally still shaking. Congrats to everyone who got an interview and to those that did not--hang in there I am rooting for you! I still don't understand how I got this lucky
  2. Does anyone know if MCAT/GPA was used as a competitive assessment for the OOP applicants? Based on their email to me it seemed like they were just used as cutoffs which I didn't know
  3. R - (OOP) MCAT: 523 GPA: 4.0 Maritime connection: half my family is from NS RIP
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